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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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Thank you cover letter, as a matter of fact, should be written for both personal and professional reasons. It is one of those letters that you will have to write often in your life. So, you need to have a free-hand on writing such letters. The only thing needed in writing is your sincerity and sensitivity.

Tips to write thank you cover letter to referrer:

  • Be specific
    Write the thank you cover letter when there is something noticeable about the event or a situation you are thanking for. The timing should be perfect. Your sincerity in thanking the person will be reflected if the event is still fresh in the recipient's mind.

  • Start with intention of writing
    Be on the target straightaway by indicating the purpose of the letter. The receiver should be able to understand that it is a thank-you letter, and you are writing it relating to some event or a situation he/his is involved in. This will clear the purpose of the letter and there will be no confusion.

  • Be brief and direct
    Do not hit around the bush and get to the point directly. Make sure the letter is concluded on one single page. Thank-you letters are accepted even if it is hand-written. The only thing is it should be readable. Or else, you can type it on computer.

  • Personalize it
    Whether it is for business purpose, or a professional matter, thank-you letter should show your personal gesture. The sentences of the letter should convey your inner feelings. However, try not to exaggerate, and let it sound natural.

  • Address to person
    Thank-you letter should address to each individual. Even in a situation, where a group is involved, you must write the letter to the senior-most member of the group. Ask the person to convey your gratitude to everyone involved and refer to their names in the letter.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Rogelio D. Jenkinson,
4782 Barfield Lane,
Indianapolis, IN 46225,
(317) abcd-1212

Date: October 3, 2011

Mr. Jose L. Clay,
National Bank,
559 Benson Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46225.

Dear Mr. Clay,

I would like to thank you sincerely for all the help you provided me in my banking career. I still remember the day we met and talked about the various banking career options. I was really impressed with your full-fledged knowledge, and I found an encyclopedia. Please accept my gratitude for all the constructive feedback you have provided me in my career.

When I graduated with an MBA in Finance, I was wondering about the next steps in my life. My friend, Thomas Clay, your elder son then introduced me to you. Meeting and interacting with you on weekends really provided me the needed impetus to take career challenges. I still remember you sat me down and helped in drafting my resume focusing on banking job. From you, I understood how to write a career-oriented objective and its importance in shaping your career.

With you reference, I finally got a job in ABC Bank as an intern. I gained all the experience working there for two years. I was able to understand the ins and outs of the banking business. I marketed and sold many financial products for the bank. After a year, I even received an award as 'Employee of the year'.

Then you advised me to apply in Axis Bank of Indianapolis branch. I managed to clear the interview under your guidance. Finally, now I am working in a bank I dreamed about. Sitting in my cabin under the cool air of A/C, I was thinking about the people who have shaped my career. I could not remember any name except yours.

Thank you once again for being the beacon of my life. I feel I am the luckiest person to have got your support and guidance. When you are back in the city, please give me call. I am waiting to meet you.


Rogelio D. Jenkinson.

After reading this letter, I am sure you will start thinking about the people whom you forgot to express your gratitude, and will grab a pen and paper to write your letter.


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