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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

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A thank you letter after interview is written by the candidate after the interview. It is usually written to thank the employer for their time, consideration and for the opportunity to meet the employer. The letter should be precise and to the point. Anything that is missed during the interview can be conveyed in the letter but there should not be too much information. The cover letter should only contain important information that can help the candidate to get the desired job. A copy of experience certificates, college grades and references forms the enclosures of these letters.

Thank You Letter after Interview

Bennett H. Kane,
263 Marie Street,
Randallstown, MD 21133,
(410)-922 3138.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Jason R. Webb,
National School of Cyber Laws,
610 Werninger Street,
Houston, TX 77006..

Dear Mr. Webb,

I thank you for your time and the opportunity I received to meet you for an interview. It was a pleasure meeting some of you staff members as well and knowing the work culture you practice.

The interview rounds such as the aptitude tests were quite challenging and I enjoyed solving it. The personal interview with your recruitment chief, Mr. David Lehman and the Manager Mr. Newton Ferdinand was very informative and pleasant. It made me gauge my compatibility and interest along with the skill sets required for the job.

As discussed during the interview, I have some experience working as a legal advisor and am well prepared to handle legal issues.

I look forward to hear from you.


Bennett H. Kane.

1. Copy of experience certificates – expletter.doc

Sample Thank You Letter after Interview

Jonathan L. Douglas,
1951 Parrish Avenue,
Johnson City, TX 78636,
(830)-868 2219.

Date: October 5, 2011.

Mr. John J. Stockton,
Bennett & Sons Lawl Firm,
4661 Everette Alley,
Sunrise, FL 33317.

Dear Mr. Stockton,

I appreciate your time and the opportunity of meeting you for an interview. It was my desire to meet you since I was studying law. I never thought of working for you law firm as a practicing lawyer one day.

Your knowledge and reputation in this field is immense and it would my honour to work under your esteemed guidance. As mentioned in my interview I have been practicing law since last year after working as a clerk for two years. I have gained good knowledge and exposure during this time to look after even the minute intricacies of a case.

I look forward to hear from you. Attached is a copy of my experience certificates along with a couple of references from my previous job.

Sincerely yours,

Bennett H. Kane.

Copy of experience certificate.

Thank You Sample Cover Letter after Interview

Thomas G. Hanlon,
2700 Abner Road,
Rudolph, WI 54475,
(715)-435 1779.

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. James T. Stanley,
FGH Law Firm,
1231 Aspen Court,
Bedford, MA 01730.

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I thank you for meeting me for an interview. The experience of knowing your law firm and meeting the people working for the firm was quite enriching. I instantly loved your work culture and the friendly behavior imparted by the staff during the time of my visit.

Although I do not have much experience working in this department, I assure you that the knowledge I gained from my degree would be utilized to the maximum. I have always been a quick learner and very eager and enthusiastic to put the maximum efforts for a better future. My college grades talk about the above traits. I have also attached a few references for your verification.

I would once again like to inform you that I think very highly of you and after the interview my respect for you has only increased. I would love to work under your guidance to make a promising career for myself in the future.

I look forward to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas G. Hanlon.



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