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Whether it is investing in some project, or seeking a career in our chosen field, a word of suggestions can make all the difference in our lives. Moreover, the benefits deriving from the suggestions would enable us to enjoy the fruits of our attempt for a longer time. However, the person providing you the suggestions should be someone who has grayed his/her hair in that particular field, and has already created a niche for himself/herself.

When you are seeking an advice for a teacher career, first, you need to decide whether you really want to pursue a teaching career. Is this something you enjoy or passionate about, and have decided to stick with it for your entire life? If the answer is yes, then the next thing you should check is whether you have the needed qualifications and experiences for the teaching job. An experienced candidate would not prefer to write a reference letter for suggestion, until he/she has decided to change the career line or desperate to move ahead in the position.

Mostly, reference cover letters for suggestions are written by fresher who has just graduated, or finished their internships, and not sure about how to proceed in their career. Though there are wide options available for a teaching career, you are likely to miss some of the key elements in your job search due to some reasons you are not aware about as a newbie. Therefore, it is always in the best of your interest to seek advice from someone in the similar field.

Here is a sample of a reference letter for suggestions for a teacher job that will help you in expressing your intentions correctly and professionally.

Reference Letter for Suggestion

Alisha J. Bell,
460 Teaching Lane SE
Jersey City, NJ 07211
(650) abc-7492.

Date: October 6, 2011.

Ms. Kelly R. Cook,
Divine Heart School,
350 Park Avenue East,
Jersey City, NJ 07210.

Dear Ms. Cook,

As per the reference given to me by Ms. Elena L. Rose, a science teacher in St. Joseph School, this letter is to seek a word of advice from you about pursuing a career in the teaching profession. I would be completing my bachelor's degree in special education from ABC University, NJ. My interest is in teaching physically and mentally challenged students.

Children at young age are very sensitive, and they need some tender loving care to nurture them correctly. And for special children those afflicted by some physical or mental challenges, teachers should be extra cautious to help them to develop in order to face adversities of life. According to me, 'love and tender care for children' is all that needed to perform the job effectively. And I have been lucky to receive this type of training during my degree course.

In my training, I have achieved knowledge of creating a course of study particularly meant for such students. I can easily relate with students who are facing problems in understanding any subject taught in the class. To know students better, one has to get closer to them by becoming their friend. As a teacher, I can easily get to develop a friendship with students as I have a compassion for them.

Since I have the passion for teaching and a burning desire to help parents see their children developing in all the aspects of the life, I would appreciate if you could provide some suggestions on how to find a job, and the opportunities available in this profession. I would also love to know if any changes are needed in my attached resume.

I am requesting you from the depth of my heart to take out some moments in offering me your valuable suggestions. I am comfortable with your date and time of convenience. I am expecting a favorable answer to my call, which I will make it next week.


Alisha J. Bell,
Senior Student,


Seeking a professional advice from someone who has wealth of experience is a mark of great dignity. Writing a reference letter for suggestions is a sign of professionalism, and a good start in treading the path of career. You can use this sample letter as a guideline to seek advice on your career.


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