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In this section you will find sample teacher cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on teacher jobs.

Teacher Cover LetterAs you are applying for a job in teaching field, you are expected to send a well-written cover letter along with your resume. You need to make the right impression on the recruiter by placing emphasis on your work experience, leadership skills, and participation in various seminars and workshops. Your cover letter should be a representation of your resume and not an exact copy of it. You can use the same format as your resume when you are drafting your resume but avoid copying details from the resume to your cover letter. Gather information related to your teaching experience and participation in various workshops and parent–teacher interaction before you draft the teacher cover letter.


Start the cover letter by specifying the name of the exact position you are applying for. There are multiple openings for teacher jobs and each of these jobs need specific skills. Hence clearly mention the job profile details, by which you are increasing your chances of getting the job. In certain districts, the teachers are hired by the committee at the district level and later assigned to specific schools. Also provide the details such as the subjects you are interested to teach. You can even mention whether you would like to teach for middle or high school level.

Body of the cover letter

Include teaching experience and educational background in the body of the cover letter. Provide the information about your educational background in brief and rest of the details will be included in the resume. You can provide information about the degree you hold, certification you have cleared and any special teaching-related training programs that you have attended. Those with work experience need to provide the details of the subjects they have taught and the school level they taught for. The employer should be able to know that you were a high school teacher who taught mathematics. If you have any achievements in the field of your expertise, then include them in your cover letter. If your students have won several physic Olympiads under your guidance, then make sure that you mention it in the cover letter.

You can add another paragraph to the body of the cover letter and mention those details that help you stay a step ahead of the competition. Mention the list of conference and workshops you have attended that has helped in your growth as a teacher. Provide the details of activities where you have used your leadership skills. If you have initiated any program in your last job that has encouraged the participation of students and parents, then include it in the cover letter. The recruiters are not only looking for your teaching proficiency but your over all development as a teacher. Entry-level candidates can highlight the leadership qualities they show cased during their participation in college programs. They can highlight the details of training programs they attended. In the body of the cover letter, mention what you will do for the school if they select you for the job.

Concluding the letter: In the last paragraph, thank the reader for their time and consideration. Let them know that you will be waiting for their reply. Mention your desire to attend an interview in future.

Enclosure: Enclose your resume and other documents mentioned by the employer in the advertisement.

There are several teacher cover letters on this site that you can use to create your resume. The cover letters provided are not limited to job application. But there are cover letters that you can use for various other purposes such as acknowledging a job offer that you received, providing follow up of telephone calls, for getting suggestion from your senior, for negotiating salary and to thank the recruiter after the interview.

The teacher cover letters must focus on your teaching skills and experience, education details and achievements. Highlight positive aspects of your personality such as interaction with parents and introduction of new programs by you for the development of students.

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