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During the recruitment process, you may need guidance from your college seniors or alumni or work professional in Finance field. To show your interest to meet someone and get guidance from them, you need to send a smartly written cover letter. The receiver should be able to understand your request and the guidance that you need. Before you start drafting your letter, make sure you take time to research find out the name, title and company's name of the receiver. Sending a generic letter will create bad impression and you will lose chance of getting an appointment.

Introduce yourself to the concern person. Provide brief information about your education background, work experience and skill sets. By reading the letter, the receiver should be able to understand that you are passionate about making a career in finance or accounting. Let the receiver know about the kind of guidance you want. If they are not the appropriate person to guide you, then they can direct you to the appropriate person. Following are samples of reference cover letter for suggestion for accounting jobs:

Reference Letter for Suggestion

Wilber S. Smith,
626 Central Avenue,
Jersey City, NJ 07304,

Date: May 23, 2005.

Mr. Max M. Gray,
Financial Manager,
Iflex Financial Inc.,
4327 Benson Street,
New York, NY 71859.

Dear Mr. Gray,

      Mr. Dave White at Alpha Accounts Inc. suggested that I contact you, to get advice about pursuing a career in accounts and finance. I worked with Dave last summer, through an internship sponsored by the Imperial School of Management (ISM) and found the work at Alpha Accounts Inc. to be exiting and well suited to my interests and skill sets. Dave suggested that an excellent first step in my career search would be a discussion about career prospects in finance with you.

      I will be in New York from June 10 to June 20. I will call your office within a week, to see if I can schedule an appointment with you during my visit to New York.


Wilber S. Smith,
Senior Student, Finance,
ISM, New Jersey.

Sample Reference Cover Letter for Suggestion

Raymond L. Christie,
1298 County Line Road,
Tampa, FL 33610,

Date: Feb 20, 2005.

Mr. Samuel E. Mendoza,
Account Manager,
Influx Financial Services,
445 Saint Clair Street,
Tampa, FL 33610.

Dear Mr. Mendoza,

      Danial Peterson suggested that I contact you about my interest in accounts management. He said you are the best person to talk to with regard to career in accounts

      I have retired from Alpha Corporation after twenty years of work experience as senior clerk. I would like to continue working in a large organization like my previous company. However, before I venture into this new field, I would like to benefit from my previous work experience and knowledge I have gained during my 20 years of service. Please advise me on opportunities for me in the finance field. I have attached my resume along with this letter for your reference.

      I would like to meet you briefly, sometime during the next two weeks to discuss my career plans. I have several questions, which I believe you could help clarify. I will call your office on Tuesday, March 12, to schedule a meeting time. I look forward to meet you to discussing my career plans.


Raymond L. Christie,
Senior Clerk,
Alpha Corporation.

The samples provided above can be used as guideline, when you are drafting the cover letter. Use professional language in these letters. Even if you know that person, it is recommended to use professional approach. Use readable and professional font to draft the letter. Proof read it to make sure that it is error free. If you have attached any document along with the letter, then mention it in the letter. Ask the concern person for an appointment, so that you can discuss your career related queries.

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