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In this section you will find sample public relations cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on public relations jobs.

Public-Relations Cover LetterA cover letter is written and sent along with your resume when you apply for a job. It is written to let your future employer know the job post you wish to apply for. It also includes description of skills that you posses that make you the right candidate for the job. You should take effort and time to write a cover letter as it creates your first impression on the employer. A public relations cover letters should include the details of exact job opening you are interested in, the skills you gained through your previous work experiences that make you the right candidate for this job.

Mention the exact job opening you are applying for such as public relations director, editorial assistant, marketing assistant, seminar leader, etc. Those applying for higher level positions in the public relation field, mention your work experience in the same field. For example: Experience of working at XYZ organization as a public relations assistant. Was assigned the responsibility of developing promotional banners, helped in the publicity of various events, wrote and edited monthly newsletter.

People applying for entry-level positions should place emphasis on the skills they gained through internship, projects and participation in various inter-college activities. Provide the details of your projects, even provide the name of high profile clients you create the project for. If any of your writing work is online, then provide its details to the recruiter. You can even enclose a printout of some of your best work such as banner or marketing flyers. Those who have experience of editing monthly newsletters or college magazine need to highlight it in their cover letter.

Candidates with work experience in different fields should mention the key skills they gained, which would be suitable for public relations job. While writing the public relations cover letters do not mention your key skills and work experience in the same format as your resume. If the cover letter and the resume appear similar to the recruiter, then they would not be interested in reading your resume.

Thank the employer before you conclude your cover letter. Mention that you are eager to appear for the interview. You can even mention your contact number and email-id so that the recruiter can call you for the interview. Use right letter writing etiquettes while concluding the letter. Mention about the enclosure you attach along with this letter. Proofread the cover letter and make necessary editions before sending it to the recruiter.

On this site, you can find various public relations cover letters that you can refer when you draft your cover letter. This section includes cover letters samples for professional in public relations arena such as publicity, print, broadcast and media. You can edit, modify or delete certain details from the format provide and use it to create your cover letter. You can find cover letters for follow ups, job application, recommendation letter, acceptance letter, rejection letter and thanking letter.

The declining job offer letter can be used when you want to reject a job offer without losing the chances of future job offers from that organization. The sample follow up letter can be used if you do not get any call interview, to let the recruiter know that you are disappointed for not being selected but would look forward for future job opening. While applying for a job through reference, you need reference letter, which you can draft by referring reference letter for suggestion on this site.

The public relations cover letters provided on this site can be used as guideline while drafting your cover letter. Your cover letter should be readable, clean and in correct format.

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