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Sample Follow up Letter After Rejection

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Cover letters for public relation job are written by candidates at various stages during the entire interview process. In some cases the candidate is rejected before being called for an interview. The candidate in these scenarios does not possess the major qualifications and skills required for the job. After going through the applicant's resume, if the employers feel that the candidate is not apt for the job, he might send a rejection letter. Applicants in these situations send a follow up letter so that they can be considered for the position in future or to check if there is any other position suitable for the skills and qualifications the candidate possesses.

Follow-up letter after rejection without interview can also be sent to thank the employer for considering the applicants qualifications and for their time. In most cases employers mentions the reason why the candidate was not shortlisted for the next round. If the applicant feels that the reason was correct they might write just to thank the employer. On the other hand if the candidate feels that the reason has not been accurate they might write a follow up letter for further clarifications.

The letter should not hide your disappointment for not being shortlisted but yet needs to be written in good spirits as it helps one realize their potential. There are chances that your skills and qualifications do not match with the job you are applying for.

Sample Follow-up Letter After Rejection Without Interview

Nathan C. Kennedy,
1179 Whitman Court,
Stamford, CT 06902,
(203)-636 5619.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Thomas J. Scott,
Best Plans Publicity, Inc.,
4688 Charack Road,
Jeffersonville, IN 47130.

Dear Mr. Scott,

Thank you for your letter dated April 15, 2005. I was, of course, disappointed to learn I had not made the list of finalists for the Editorial Assistant position you are filling.

Since I remain confident that I have the skills and qualifications to excel in your company, I hope you will consider me for any other similar positions either now or in the future. I admire Best Plans Publicity, Inc. and will certainly contact you the next time I learn of an opening for which I am qualified.

Thank you again for considering my qualifications.


Nathan C. Kennedy.

Follow-up Cover Letter After Rejection Without Interview

Mr. James K. Ortiz,
1238 Frosty Lane,
Lockwood, NY 14859,
(607)-598 4114.

Date: September 26, 2011,

Mr. Alexander P. Chacko,
Tulip publication,
2764 Poco Mas Drive
Dallas, TX 75247

Dear Mr. Chacko,

I received your letter dated September 15, 2011, which confirmed that I have not been shortlisted for the interview. I understand that my credentials do not match your requirements for the post of an Assistant Editorial Manager.

My experience and exposure in this field is quite less and hope I would be considered for this position sometime in future. Although I possess all the skills necessary for the post, I agree that I have to polish them to gain a better understanding of my job responsibilities.

Tulip publication is a large and well known firm and I wish to be part of it sometime. If there is any other suitable position for me I would be happy to discuss it. I would write to you, if I come across any future opportunities.

I thank you for your time and consideration for my qualifications.

Sincerely yours,

James K. Ortiz.

A follow up letter after rejection should be drafted in a professional manner. It should be precise with pleasantries for the employer. In case the candidate wishes to know the reason for rejection, they can ask for it in this letter. The tone of the letter should be polite because there might be chances that you could be recalled once again or might be considered for a future interview.


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