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Sample Rescinding an Accepted Job Offer Letter

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Rescinding is cancelling a job offer. In this section you will find sample cover letters of rescinding an accepted job offer letter. Candidates need to be very careful while drafting these letters. The reason for rescind can be briefly mentioned. Apart from this, the candidate needs to thank the employer for their time as well as their consideration for the said job.

Rescinding an Accepted Job Offer Letter

Lawrence A. Mackenzie,
3992 Little Acres Lane,
Macomb, IL 61455,
(217)-966 9331.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Kenneth V. Halstead,
Best Plans Publicity,
285 Buckhannan Avenue,
Syracuse, NY 13202.

Dear Mr. Halstead,

I want to thank you for offering me the position as a Editorial Assistant at Handy Industries and for the time you and your team spent with me during the interview process. While accepting the position I was certain that I fit the criteria for the said role.

However, after some research and findings, I need to rescind my acceptance of your generous job offer. While I hold you, your team, and Handy Industries in the highest regard, I am not in a position at this time to accept your offer.

I want to wish you and Best Plans Publicity, Inc. the best continued success.

Thank you again, Mr. Smith, for all your time and efforts. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday.


Lawrence A. Mackenzie.

Sample Rescinding an Accepted Job Offer Cover Letter

Douglass S. McDonnell,
2469 Tori Lane,
West Valley City, UT 84119,
(801)-586 3830.

Date: September 26, 2011.

Mr. Michael M. Johnson,
Yardley Publications,
379 John Calvin Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This is with reference to your job offer that you placed for the position of an Editor in your firm. After careful consideration of my responsibilities and the kind of role I need to perform, I would like to rescind my acceptance for the said post.

I understand that I would miss the opportunity of working with a reputed firm, backed with friendly and warm colleagues, but I have a better offer as an Editorial Manager in a small firm. It was a tough call making the decision as the reputation your firm has is incomparable. I hope I should not regret my decision in the near future.

I wish a lot of success for Yardley Publications and I thank you for your time and your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Douglass S. McDonnell.

Rescinding an Accepted Job Offer Sample Cover Letter

John M. Hernandez,
2836 Boundary Street,
Jacksonville, FL 32246,
(904)-646 1851.

Date: September 26, 2011.

Mr. Ryan N. Bryant,
Duncanís Publications,
3381 Millbrook Road,
Chicago, IL 60606.

Dear Mr. Bryant,

After careful consideration of your job offer, followed by my acceptance, I regret to inform that I would like to rescind my acceptance for the post of a Public Relations Officerís job.

My decision to rescind the offer comes to light after being promoted in my current firm. I have been promoted last week and have moved to a Directors position. My current designation is that of a public relations director with 50 employees reporting me. I am very much eager to work under this profile and take up the responsibilities lying ahead.

It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. I was impressed with your ideas and work set up and therefore had given an immediate confirmation to be part of your reputed firm. I regret of not keeping my word and being part of a highly reputed firm such as yours.

Having said that, I feel, with the kind of reputation and the work that is done at Duncanís Publications, there would be many more applicants, much more qualified and skilled than myself, eager to join your firm.

I wish Duncanís Publications best wishes for the future and I hope that our paths cross some day.

I thank you for your time and your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

John M. Hernandez.


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