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Cover Letter for Teaching Jobs

Nowadays, cover letters are booming as an efficient mode of communication. It is used extensively by both the employers and the employee. They find it easy to communicate through letters when they have to communicate any official message or put forward an official proposal. During the old times letters were an important and effective mode of communication. And today, when technology is at its height, letters still occupy a place of privilege.

Cover letters can be used for various purposes, starting from job acknowledgement to resignation, from thanking to follow-up, and many more of this kind.

A follow-up telephone call cover letter is generally drafted, to thank the employer or the recruiter for the consideration that they have shown in taking out time to call you. The language and the structural rules are applicable for this also. You have to follow the same pattern of officiality and formality, while drafting the letter. The caller might have called you for the following reasons.

  • To tell you that you are shortlisted for the interview, and to give you the time
  • To inform you that you have been selected for the post
  • To give you details about the responsibilities and the duties associated with the post
  • To give you information about other opportunities in this field. Etc

You can take help of the samples provided in this page, to draft a follow-up cover letter.

Follow Up of Telephone Call

Lee C. Lawrence,
4681 Seth Street,
Brownwood, TX 76801,

Date: 12th April, 2011.

Mr. James Bell,
National School,
257, Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Bell,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for talking to me yesterday. I had some doubts regarding the opportunities in the teaching area in your New York branch of National School. But talking to you was a relief, as all my doubts were resolved.

I would sincerely like to thank you for the details that you gave me regarding other opportunities in this field. I also thank you for giving me the contact numbers of some people, whom I can contact for this purpose.

I would like to tell you that I am still interested in the vacancy offered by your school, and for this purpose I am enclosing hereby my updated resume. I hope that you will take out time to go through it and consider my application and interest.

I hope to hear from you soon and once again.


Lee C. Lawrence.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Letter of appreciation by The Head of Department, Arts, ISA. – appletter.doc

Sample Cover Letter for Teaching Jobs

Stuart M. Wilkinson,
"Paradise Regained"
918 F St. NW,
Washington, DC 20004-1400,
(202) 216-2400.

Date: 1st May, 2005.

Mr. Graham Clinton,
National School,
257 Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Clinton,

Thank you for taking time to talk to me on phone today morning. I have enclosed herewith a copy of my resume, which details my accomplishments over the past several years.

While working as a teacher at Regional School, I was responsible for assisting disadvantaged students in both reaching proficiency and showing the relevance of the subject. The approach taken was an aggressive one innovating coaching practices. The hard results produced through implementation of these programs allowed Regional School to consolidate majority of students.

I have consistently contributed my communication skills in educational settings, while managing the creative process, motivating and empowering student members, fine-tuning teaching plans and juggling multiple administrative tasks. The strategies were successful because of the commitment developed throughout the institution.

I will contact you tomorrow morning on phone to fix up the timing of the meeting. I think a lunch with you would be an enlivening experience indeed.

Thank you for your precious time and consideration.


Stuart M. Wilkinson.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Regional School. – appletter.doc


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