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So, you have reached the height of your excitement as you have cleared all the obstacles on your path in landing your dream job. Good to hear that. Now you are waiting for the day to begin your work in the school, college and university of your choice. The job offer you received is a mark that you have reached the last station on the way of your job hunt. You may have given a green signal of your acceptance on the phone to the employer. However, showing some professionalism by way of writing the job acceptance letter will surely convince the employer that you are indeed the right person for the job.

Though it may not be required by the employers, still you must opt to write the job acceptance letter. Writing the letter will work in your favor as it will show the employer that you value the job and have some decency and professional courtesy. Since you are going to work with the employer for a longer time, maintaining a personal touch can make a big difference in your professional career.

Moreover, not much efforts or time are required in writing the letter. You just have to follow few standards. First, the letter should show that you are positive in joining the job. The contents should be short and to the point. Do not be under the impression that the employer would read your letter simply because you have been selected for the job. So, be careful and stay away from trying to gain favor.

Second, mention the job position or the title you have been employed for. Do not forget to add it in the first paragraph of the letter. Some people are so excited with the offer that they simply express their gratitude, and forget to mention what position they are hired for.

The next paragraphs would talk about the terms and conditions the employers would prefer you to work on. Add the monthly or annual salary you will be drawing, extra payments or other benefits if any, starting date, working hours, and number of paid leaves. It is always better to maintain transparency between you and the employer. Hence, the terms and conditions must find a place in the letter.

Teacher Job Acceptance Letter

Ruby Doris,
1500 Downtown Drive,
Ohio, IL 45120,
(450)-000 7913.

Date: October 20, 2011.

Mr. Alan Jorge,
Public High School,
417 Pride Street,
Ohio, IL 45125.

Dear Mr. Jorge,

To elaborate on the telephonic conversation we had yesterday, I am thankful to you for offering me the Science Teacher position for grade VI to X in your school. As a sign of my acceptance, I am writing this confirmation letter signed by me to make it official.

To recall few of the things we have discussed, I am pleased to confirm my date of joining as on November 14, 2011. The salary we have mutually settled is $40,000 per year. In addition, I would be eligible for a yearly bonus once I have completed eight months of my tenure in your school. The performance appraisal will be held at the end of each year, and a minimum of 20% pay rise is expected based on the appraisal. I also agree the medical benefit packages covered with my employment.

Please let me know if there is any other formality I am expected to complete. Once again, I thank you for interviewing me for the position and offering me the job. I am very excited to join your school, and I am confident in maintaining and raising the teaching standard of your school.

Yours sincerely,

Ruby Doris

There should not be any difficulty in writing the job acceptance letter since you have already written the cover letter for the job. You can carry the practice of writing letter further by drafting the acceptance letter. Just like the cover letter, draft it in a simple and polite tone. The letter will show the employer that no mistake has been committed by offering you the job.


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