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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

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Since you have been offered a job, the time has come to culminate in a professional manner the efforts you took in portraying yourself as a professional. Your resume, cover letter, references, recommendation, and follow-up letter all went right as you expected. You also took pain in doing homework about the company and preparing yourself for the questions thrown at you by the interviewer. Now, as a finishing touch, you must back up all the positive images and professionalism that you have built by writing a job acceptance letter.

In some situations, the employer would ask you to attest your signature on the copy of the offer letter and mail it back. Your signature is enough evidence that you have read the job terms and have agreed to join the company on the decided day. Nevertheless, taking an extra effort in writing the acceptance letter will help you in expressing your understanding about the offer terms. Moreover, you can take this opportunity to clear your doubts by asking clarification from the employer for certain things.

Make sure the letter is addressed to the person who made your selection possible. If you are using a while color paper for print out, see to it that the same colored envelope is used for mailing. Better if the envelope is business sized, which could avoid the folding of the letter. If you are not good in hand-writing, get the address of the company printed on the envelope.

Let the employer feel that you value time by keeping the length of the letter short. Whatever your feelings are, express it in simple sentences and wrap the letter in three to four short paragraphs. Be professional and straightforward in your approach. Let the employer know that you are charged up to be a part of the team. Convey your respect for the opportunity given. Show your commitment and convince the employer that you will do everything the job demands for the benefit of the company. State that you have understood the terms and will stick to it right from the first day. Include the joining date, and convince the employer that you will in the company on the decided date and time.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter for Designing Job

Isaac J. Smart,
4367 Romano Street,
Cambridge, MA 02142,
(781)-000 4566.

Date: October 24, 2011.

Mr. Mark J. Santiago,
Hiring Manager,
Grand Interior and Decorators,
770 Java Lane,
Cambridge, MA 02140.

Dear Mr. Smart,

At the outset, please accept my sincere and humble gratitude for offering me the job as an interior designer in your company. I accept your offer and am pleased to be a part of your designing team. Please regard this letter as an official document of my acceptance of the job offer.

As per my understanding from the job offer letter, I will be receiving a yearly salary of $___. I also learned from the letter that there will be 15 paid leaves each year, and November 23, 2011 is my joining date. I assure you that I will be on time to begin my work on the said date.

However, I would like to request you if you could provide me the medical and insurance benefits from the same date of my joining in contrast to 60 days. The reason I am asking you to consider my request is because of my wife who is already undergoing a medical treatment for pancreatic cancer in the City Hospital. My joy in joining your company will be doubled if you accept my request.

Thank you for such a brilliant offer and am hoping for a positive response from you on my request. If you need any papers that could validate my wife's illness, please give me a call. I will be happy to produce it to you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Isaac J. Smart

Designing is a skill, and as such it is required in a variety of industries. Similarly, the salary, employment terms and other benefits would differ depending upon the field you are working in. This sample of a job acceptance letter for designing job is written keeping in view the job profile of an interior designer. The letter is not considered as an original unless you have signed it using a pen with blue color. So, do not forget to sign it.

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