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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After interview

Cover Letter for Judical Clerk

Thank you cover letters sent after an interview takes you a step ahead of others especially if you are shortlisted by the employers. Employers usually check the qualification, experience and how effective the candidate was during the interview, while short listing the candidates. Apart from this if a candidate shows his/her enthusiasm for working with the firm, by writing a thank you letter after the interview, you could be the chosen one.

Thank you cover letters should include a thank you note for the time taken by the employer to interview you. Apart from this, the letter should also contain pleasantries for the firm and the employer, about how highly you think of the firm and how important the job is for you.

Information imparted by the employer during the interview should be given importance and appreciated as well. Apart from this the skills you possess in line with your job profile needs to be highlighted. Your attitude towards work and your aspirations is also worth mentioning.

This letter should include specifications about, when you could possibly join the organization after your appointment is confirmed. References of previous employers, if asked during the interview, can be mentioned with all the details such as the reference name, his/her designation, name of the company and the contact number.

The letter should end with a positive note. It should be precise, professional and leave a great impact of your personality on the employer.

Thank You Cover Letter After Interview 1

Willie N. Caraballo,
1299 Locust Court,
Seal Beach, CA 90740,
(562)-430 9039.

August 19, 2005.

Mr. James L. Fong,

J & J law firm,
3748 Karen Lane,
Louisville, KY 40272.

Dear Mr. Fong,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you concerning your employment requirements. I enjoyed learning the facets of your firm’s services and functions. I think that my knowledge and understanding in the varied areas of taxation and my interest in the market economy would enable me to contribute substantially to your firm and provide better service to your clients.

If you require my transcripts, a fall class schedule, more writing samples, or recommendations, please feel free to contact me. I am very interested in the position and would be able to join your office by October 1, 2005. I look forward to hearing from you.


Willie N. Caraballo.

Thank You Cover Letter After Interview 2

Lester Z. Jones,
3457 Columbia Boulevard,
Ellicott City, MD 21042.
(410)-465 2504.

August 19, 2011.

Benjamin C. Byfield,
HJK Law Firm,
3245 Sharon Lane,
South Bend, IN 46625.

Dear Mr. Byfield,

Thank you for meeting with me for an interview yesterday, August 18, 2011 and considering me for a position in your reputed firm. I was pleased to meet your staff, and also to see the kind of work you do in this field.

I would be highly obliged if you consider me for this position. My work interest and my past experiences perfectly match your current requirement, which makes me a suitable candidate for the post.

If selected I would be able to join your firm in the beginning of next month, i.e., September 1, 2011. I also assure you that you would never regret your decision after hiring me for this post.

Please feel free to call me for any information you require on the above telephone number or name@email.address. I would be more than happy to provide you with references from my previous employment to get an opinion about the kind of work I do and how I perceive my job.

I look forward to hear from you soon.


Lester Z. Jones.

Judical Clerk Cover Letter

Thank you letters are usually written after the interview, to inform the employer about your interest to work for their firm. This letter creates a positive impact on the employer as employers usually pick the candidate who shows some enthusiasm in joining their firm along with their qualifications. Am assurance from the candidate to put their best efforts in a thank you letter comes as an added advantage.

Thank you cover letter for judicial clerk jobs must include a thank you note and your appreciation for the time taken by the employer to meet you. If you fail to discuss certain information during the interview it could be mentioned in the thank you cover letter. Important information about your availability of joining the firm or organization needs a mention. You can also include references from your previous employer if it was discussed during your interview. Reference would include your previous employers name and contact telephone number.

Thank You Cover Letter 1 After Interview

Carlos R. Brown,
1698 Pooh Bear Lane
Greenville, SC 29601,
(864)-633 8330.

May1st, 2005.

Mr. Brian L. Porter,
Harry n Harley
4114 Stutler Lane,
Johnstown, PA 15904.

Dear Mr. Porter,

Thank you for taking time to interview me today for one of the summer associate positions you are looking to fill. Having spoken to you and Melvin Moe about the firm and what the summer program entails, I am highly interested for the job.

As indicated in the interview, I have taken all of the available course work in family law. Additionally, I have also practiced in a clinic where I have gained valuable skills of working with clients. With my background, and moot court skills, I would be an asset to your firm’s family law practice.

I would be glad to provide you with reference from my previous employees. If you wish to know any more information, you can contact me on (918) 123-1111 or names@email.address. I look forward to hearing from you.


Carlos R. Brown.


Thank You Cover Letter 2 After Interview

Jerome D. Tolbert,
4333 Travis Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950,
((772)-468 0293.

Date: August 19, 2011.

Steven M. Rosario,

Jane & Jones,
3446 Gerald L. Bates Drive,
Worcester, MA 01610.

Dear Mr. Rosario,

This is to thank you for taking you time off from you busy schedule and meeting me for an interview. I also would like to thank your assistant, Mr. David Parker, for introducing me to your work culture and the other office staff. It was indeed a pleasure meeting all of you and knowing the kind of work that is done at Jane & Jones.

Jane & Jones has always held a high regard for me and I will be delighted to be on board with you; doing the kind of work that is much talked about among many law firms. I would like to once again remind you that I would be joining immediately if you choose me for the job as I have already resigned from my previous job and in the process of relocating to Massachusetts very soon.

It would be a pleasure assisting you and I assure that from day one, I would take all the necessary responsibilities to attain maximum client satisfaction. I would also put extra efforts and if need be, even wait after office hours. I ensure you that you would not regret your decision of hiring me. I would try my level best to prove an asset to your organization.

Reference from my previous employer would be available on request. If you have any queries or require any information please feel free to call me on the above mentioned number or reach me on, name@example.address. I look forward to hear from you in the near future.


Jerome D. Tolbert.


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