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Sample Thank You Cover Letter 05

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A sample thank you cover letters for military jobs are written on numerous occasions during the entire process of interview. Thank you letters are written after receiving a call from the employer; to attend the interview, after attending the interview, after getting shortlisted or selected, or even for not getting selected. The last bit might sound strange but yes, thank you letters are written even when a candidate is not selected for the job. This letter is usually written with an intention that the employer remembers the candidate for his/her attitude and for considering the candidate for a future position in the organization. The candidate in such cases might also agree to the fact that they are not completely fit for the post in the present scenario if they lack experience or the necessary skills required for the job.

A thank you letter in most cases is written to thank the employer for their time and their considerations during the recruitment process. The letter should be precise and yet professional. If there is any information that the candidate wishes to convey or has missed during the interview can be mentioned in a thank you cover letter that a candidate usually writes after an interview.

Sample Thank You Cover Letter

David B. Rojas,
4755 Haymond Rocks Road,
Eugene, OR 97402,
(541)-517 3277.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Charles S. Torres,
Recruitment Manager,
RTG Research Center,
US Army, 4475 Polk Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814.

Dear Mr. Torres,

I appreciate your consideration for the Research Associate position. While I am disappointed in not being selected, I learned a great deal about your corporation, and I enjoyed meeting with you and your staff. I felt particularly good about the professional manner in which you conducted the interview.

Please keep me in mind for future consideration. I have a strong interest in your company. I believe we would work well together. I will be closely following the progress of your company over the coming months. Perhaps we will be in touch at some later date.

Best wishes.
David B. Rojas.

Thank You Cover Letter for Military Jobs

Gregory J. Harris,
494 Creekside Lane,
Surf, CA 93455,
(805)-734 4964.

October 28, 2011.

Mr. Peter R. Ellis,
Recruitment Officer,
US Military,
4011 Still Pastures Drive,
Charlotte, SC 28202.

Dear Mr. Ellis,

I thank you for interviewing me for the position of an Aviation Officer. Having served in the US Military for the past 5 years, I feel I am the most suitable candidate for this post.

I am aware that my duties would include planning, coordinating, and directing the employment of aviation assets. I also possess good knowledge of the facets of aviation and combat arms after successfully completing an advance course in combat arms in August 2011.

I can gauge that my performance during the interview was at par with your expectations and I hope to get shortlisted for this position. If you have any queries please feel free to call me on the above telephone number.

I appreciate your time and thank you for considering me for this position.

Sincerely yours,

Gregory J. Harris.

Sample for Military Jobs Thank You Cover Letter

Samuel W. Swanson,
4293 Melville Street,
Jackson, TN 39211,
(731)-327 5876.

October 28, 2011.

Mr. Louis E. Burke,
Recruitment Officer,
Howard Military Center,
3859 Bartlett Avenue,
Southfield, MI 48075.

Dear Mr. Burke,

I thank you for the opportunity I received to meet you in person for an interview for the position of a Fitness Instructor at Howard Military Center. It was a pleasure meeting you and knowing about the center's expansions plans and meeting a few staff members.

As discussed during the interview I am exposed to the fitness world for the past 10 years and carry immense love for my work. I am good at giving instructions and constantly aim for a better end result. Attached herewith are a few projects I worked on to bring awareness on how to maintain a sound physique. It would be my honor and privilege to work for your academy.

I thank you once again for your time and for considering me for this job. Have you had any queries please feel free to contact me on the above telephone number.

I eagerly await your response and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Samuel W. Swanson.

Project 1 & 2.


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