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In this section you will find sample judical clerkship cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on judical clerkship jobs.

Judical-Clerkship Cover LetterDuring your legal training, you need to apply for judicial clerkship job. You need to send a formal customized cover letter and resume when you apply for a judicial clerkship job. As several students apply for these jobs, you need to draft an aptly worded judicial clerkship cover letter to beat the competition. Judicial clerkship cover letters should include your educational details, skills, and computer proficiency and project details. Before you start drafting your cover letter collate all the information related to your academic, the job you are applying for, the skills necessary to apply for the job and the details of the firm.

Steps to write judicial clerkship cover letter are as follows: The cover letter is divided into three sections such as the opening paragraph, body paragraph and closing paragraph. The body paragraph can be divided in to two small paragraphs.

Opening paragraph: Specify the name of judicial clerkship position you are applying for as there are various judicial clerkship position. Mentioning the correct designation helps your cover letter get directed to the appropriate department. Hence, increases your chances of getting a call for an interview. If you have got information about this opening from your law college recruitment program, then mention it in your cover letter. Many law firms prefer to select clerks through these programs. You can also mention the education background in the opening paragraph. The opening paragraph should be limited to 2–3 sentences.

Body Paragraph: Mention details about your education background that are related with the kind of clerkship job you are applying for. You can use bullet points to list out significant research work, readings and course work you attended. Clearly mention your current education level. Provide information whether you are first year student or about to complete you graduation. Mention your previous work experience in your resume. Those with previous summer internship can mention the details of their previous jobs and how they helped their seniors with research work and analysis of data. Those without any relevant work experience need to emphasize their college project or research details. If you have work experience in a completely different job profile, then mention it by emphasizing on the skills that would be useful for the clerical job. For example: You can mention the computer proficiency you gained from the receptionist job that you did during high school. For judicial clerkship job you need good research skills, proficiency to use computers and good academic performance. Those with knowledge of second or third language need to mention it in their cover letter, if they are applying a law firm in the areas where multiple languages are widely spoken.

Concluding paragraph: End the letter by thanking the employer for their time and considering you for the particular job. Mention your contact number and email id for future communication. Let them know that you are interested in attending a face to face interview.

End the cover letter using correct letter writing etiquettes as follows:



[Your full name]

Enclosure: [resume], [writing sample], [reference letter]

Use standard business letter formatting when you draft your letter. Use professional font and readable font size. Use respectful and formal tone in your cover letter. Draft a customize cover letter for each job or internship you apply. Do not forget to mention the contact letters at the top of the letter.

This site contains various judicial clerkship cover letters that you can use for reference. The sample cover letter can be used when you are applying for clerkship job at any law firm. The summer clerkship cover letter can be used when you are applying for internship job at any law office. The thank you cover letter after interview can be used to thank the employer for providing a call for the interview and showing that you are interested in the job.

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