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Sample Accounting Clerk Cover Letter

Accounting Clerk Cover Letter

Cover letter is an important document that is sent along with resume to apply for any job opening. This document should be carefully drafted considering the requirements of the job opening you are applying for. When you are applying for accounting clerk job profile, you are expected to have good written communication skills. Hence, it is important to send a well-written cover letter. In a financial firm, there are several job openings. Therefore, your cover letter should clearly indicate the job profile you are applying for.

Sample Accounting Clerk Cover Letter

David E. Wagner,
3698 Bryan Avenue,
Saint Paul, MN 55102,

Date: July 3, 2009.

Mr. Phillip N. Collier,
HR Manager
Incube Accounts Inc.,
225 St Teresa Avenue,
Saint Peter, CL 44501.

Dear Mr. Collier,

I came to know about this job requirements from the job posting on site. I feel I am the perfect match for the job as per the requirements provided in the advertisement.

I am working as accounting clerk at Laclede Printing Company in Saint Paul, MN since 2006. As I am planning to shift to Saint Peter, CL, I am looking for new employment avenues in the accounting field.

I am writing this cover letter, to apply for this job that needs maintaining and updating accounting records that include receipts, expenditures, loss, profit, and accounts payable and receivable. During my tenure at the previous company I was responsible for the accounting expenses of various clients. I was a part of the legal accounting team that would work on various fraud accounts. I would like to work for your company as it is one of the best accounting firms known for its professional culture and global clients.

Thank you for considering me for the position of accounting clerk. I am grateful that you spend your precious time to go through the letter. I have attached my resume with this cover letter that would provide detailed of my professional experience and expertise. I would like to attend an interview in near future to discuss my competence for the job. My contact number is (651)-292-0020 and 4087457892. My email id is Thank you for your time and consideration.



David E. Wagner.


Accounting Clerk Sample Cover Letter

Louis T. Scholl,
1166 Woodrow Way,
Conroe, TX 77301,
Home: (936)-292-0020,

Date: August 15, 2009.

Mr. Jacinto L. Aguilera,
HR Manager,
Influx Corporation,
2742 Romrog Way,
Conroe, TX 77301.

Dear Mr. Aguilera,

I learned about the job opening for the post of accounting clerk in Influx Corporation from job portal. I am currently working with Alpha Finance Firm for the past 3 years. I am excited to apply for job in this company as it is a well-known global financial firm.

During my tenure at the previous company, I was responsible for generating invoices, making sure that the invoices reaches the particular customer on time and documenting the payment details. I have core knowledge of late payment policies and alternate payment plans. As the accounting clerk job opening in your company has similar job responsibilities, I feel that I am suitable for the job profile. I am an IARP (International Accounts Receivable Professionals) certified accounting clerk. I have attached my resume along with this cover letter that will provide further details about my professional experience and qualification.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to apply for job, in such a well known global company. I am grateful that you took time from you busy schedule to go through my cover letter. I would like to attend an interview, so that I can provide detailed information about my professional expertise and experience. My contact number is (936)-292-0020. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.



Louis T. Scholl


The accounting clerk cover letter samples provided above can be used as guideline by professionals who are applying for jobs in the financial field.


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