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Cover Letter for Judicial Clerk

Thank you cover letters sent after an interview takes you a step ahead of others especially if you are shortlisted by the employers. Employers usually check the qualification, experience and how effective the candidate was during the interview, while short listing the candidates. Apart from this if a candidate shows his/her enthusiasm for working with the firm, by writing a thank you letter after the interview, you could be the chosen one.

Cover letters for judicial clerkship jobs are usually written by law school students to take up a summer job as a clerk while studying. The job can also be pursued by people who are looking to take it as a career. Law school students usually take up the job to get accustomed to the technical knowhow of their job. This gives them hands on exposure to the kind of job they would be doing upon completion of their education and would also lead to a better future. Candidates become more learned and experienced. They also become prudent in handling clients and the kind of relationship that needs to be maintained between colleagues.

When writing a cover letter for a judicial clerkship job, law students need to mention their area of interest and what they are studying. The kind of job applied should be in lines with the education they are pursuing. The letter should clearly state that they are applying to take the job only for a short period, i.e., during their vacation.

Information about why they would like to work for the particular law firm and their excitement to work with the firm would prove helpful to get shortlisted by employers. The cover letter should be enclosed by a resume and other relevant documents such as projects or samples, relevant to the current job they are applying for.

Sample Resume Cover Letter

William K. Lance,
1761 Settlers Lane,
Huntington, NY 11743,
(917)-767 5276.

August 16th, 2005.

Mr. Randy S. Etienne,

John & Jauron
4377 Everette Alley,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Etienne,

I am a third-year law student at The John Marshall Law School, and I am very interested in real estate law. I am writing in response to an advertisement posted by John & Journo with The John Marshall Law School Career Services Office for the position of a law clerk.

I have developed a considerable amount of theoretical background in real estate law through my studies in law school. In addition to the regular Property courses, my coursework includes a class on residential real estate transactions and an LL.M. level course in construction law. I am also seeking admission into the joint J.D. /LL.M. degree program in Real Estate at John Marshall. I am computer literate, as I have worked as a computer lab aide during my undergraduate studies, and I enjoy working with computers. I am very excited about an opportunity to use my theoretical knowledge and skills in a practical setting.

Enclosed for your review are; a resume, writing sample, and references. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the possibility of employment. Thank you for your consideration.


William K. Lance.

1. Resume
2. Writing samples
3. Reference.

Judicial clerkship jobs are often taken by students after obtaining their law degree and also in between completion of their education. Judicial clerkship job build the gap for law students to get transformed from law school to the next step of practicing law. In some cases a few law students have opted to become judicial clerks after practicing law for some time in their career.

With the help of clerkship, most attorneys get a better understanding of the procedures and issues faced during law practice. Clerkship jobs help to sharpen their skills and create a better future for candidates fresh from law school. A cover letter along with your resume clarifies a lot of things that might not appear in a resume and therefore is quite essential. A judicial clerkship cover letter should talk about all the qualifications and certifications the candidate has obtained. Apart from this their willingness to take up the challenges in the field needs a mention.

Judical Clerk Cover Letter

Judicial clerkship is quite a prestigious opportunity for employment, which is readily available for graduates studying law. While applying for such a job, candidates need not hide their excitement to join the firm and choose the best firm to work under, in order to sharpen their skills.

While writing cover letters for a judicial clerkship job, one needs to begin the letter with the source through which they came across the employment opportunity. Apart from this, their educational degree and the area in which they are pursuing their education along with all the additional courses and certifications obtained need to be explained.

Candidates need to create a good impression by highlighting their research work, their skills and also the extra responsibilities undertaken during college. A positive note about the recruiter and how highly you think about them goes a long way to obtain a job under this category.

Sample Cover Letter

Jeffrey D. Ferguson,
3510 Brannon Avenue
Minneapolis, MN, 55738,
(218)-744 6254.

August 16, 2005.

Mr. Jason M. Miller,
Dorsey & Whitney
67 Ward Road,
Saint Paul, MN, 55730.

Dear Mr. Miller,

I am a second year law student at The John Marshall Law School and am interested in obtaining a position as a summer associate with Dorsey & Whitney for the summer of 2006. As a Twin Cities native, I intend to return to Minneapolis upon graduation from law school.

I am interested in Dorsey & Whitney because of its outstanding reputation and well-crafted summer associate program. The opportunity to rotate through different practice groups, gain hands-on experience and work on pro bono cases is intriguing. Additionally, your firm's commitment to Continued Legal Education is a mark of distinction.

My research shows that Dorsey & Whitney seeks summer associates with strong academic and professional performance, participation in extracurricular activities and work experience. I exhibit such qualities. As a law clerk, I analyzed legal issues in business litigation, gained familiarity with the courts and refined my legal writing skills. I will further sharpen my writing skills by participating in The John Marshall Law Review in the fall and spring semesters. In my prior advertising and marketing career, I developed the relevant skills of teamwork, client relations, and organization. I genuinely enjoy the study and application of law and appreciate the rewards of hard work. I also maintain a similar commitment to personal and social growth. I would contribute the same hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to Dorsey & Whitney.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience and qualifications for your summer associate program. I have enclosed my resume for your review. I will be in Minneapolis from September 17 to September 19, 2005 and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at that time. Thank you for your consideration.


Jeffrey D. Ferguson.


The job of a judicial clerk involves research, creating drafts of memoranda and the opinions of the court, proof reading and checking of sites. Apart from this they also need to undertake various administrative responsibilities such as maintenance of the library and the docket, maintenance of the documents and various other tasks essential to meet all the requirement and obligations of the judge.

The type of job also depends on the kind of firm the candidate is working with and the practicing judge or lawyer under whom he/she is working. After working as a judicial clerk for a year or two the candidate can obtain a certain edge in the market not only because of the knowledge gained while studying the cases and assisting the lawyers, but also because of the contacts he/she might develop during the job.


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