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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion

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If you are not sure how to follow a banking career, you can get some help from your seniors, or ask them to give a reference of someone they know, and who can guide you. Then, it is your responsibility to write a reference letter for suggestions to that person. The letter written should be short and precise. The reader should understand what type of suggestions or advice you are looking for.

Start the letter by naming the person who has given reference to you. Including the name in the first paragraph would attract the reader's interest, and it would build a connection. Then, provide your personal information such as education you have completed or pursuing. State why have chosen to write the letter. Is it any suggestion for changes on your resume, or your interest to know how the banking industry operates? Clarify it in the first paragraph itself.

If you are an experienced person, then you can describe in brief about your job profile. Mention some of the core duties you have performed. For example: "I am working with ABC Bank. Currently, I am handling the responsibility of bookkeeping and accounting. I am also responsible for processing saving and current accounts of clients."

As a fresher, you can stress on your education qualification and relate it with the banking job. The reader can understand that you do not have an experience, but he/she will surely like to know about your knowledge of banking industry. Describe any project you have completed as a part of your training.

The letter should end with a request for an appointment. You can also mention how and when you are going to call the reader for the appointment.

Here is a sample of a reference cover letter for suggestions written for banking jobs.

Reference Letter for Suggestion

John C. Hanson,
4411 Woodland Drive,
Des Moines, IA 50309,
(712) abc-1349.

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. Gregory R. Allen,
Manager Accounts,
People's Bank,
2264 Oakwood Avenue,
Des Moines, IA 50309.

Dear Mr. Allen,

Our accounts' professor, Mr. Donald Duck suggested me to write you a letter and ask for your suggestions about seeking a career in the banking industry. In few months hereafter, I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in commerce from ABC University. I have an excellent academic record right from the beginning. I am expecting to pass out with a distinction in the final exam. Since I am interested in banking career from my college days, I would be grateful to you if you could spare some moments and throw lights on the aspects of banking career.

As I do not have any experience, I would like to know how to get an entry-level job in any bank. I had a very short period of internship. Two months to be precise. As far as my knowledge goes, I can say banking is the most important sector from business point of view. How a company is doing in the market can be judged through their banking transactions. There are also rapid changes in the banking industry due to changes in the technology. The short internship duration has helped me to understand how to enter and maintain financial accounts of customers for saving and current accounts.

I have heard a lot about you from Mr. Duck. It has just aggravated my desire to meet you. It is a sincere request to oblige me with an appointment according to your suitable time. Please confirm your acceptance by calling me. Thank you very much for sparing time in reading this letter.


John C. Hanson,
Senior Student, Commerce,

Sometimes, few words of suggestions can make a wonder in one's life. But, the onus to take an initiative for suggestions lies on you. This sample of a reference letter for suggestions is very well-written that explains the writer's intentions clearly. If you too are trying to take a banking job, then use this letter and get an appointment of the person you want suggestions from.


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