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In this section you will find sample financial cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on financial jobs.

Financial Cover LetterWhen applying for a financial job, you need to send a resume and cover letter. The financial cover letters include information such as your educational qualification, work experience, internship experience (for fresher), skills and achievements. Before you start writing your cover letters, collate all the data related to your work experience and academic achievements. It is essential to send a well-written cover letter to create the right impression on your future employer. The cover letter contains your contact details, reason why you are interest in the particular job opening, why you want to work with the particular organization and your skills, achievements, knowledge that make you eligible for the particular job.

Steps to write financial cover letters are as follows:

Introduction paragraph:

The recruiters have to go through a large number of cover letters. Hence, your introductory paragraph must be to the point so that the recruiter knows that you are the right candidate just by reading it. Young graduates applying for job must include their academic qualification, skills developed through internships, college projects and inter-college programs. Candidates with work experience must emphasize their work experience in the Finance field. For example: I am impressed by the future strategic plans of XYZ financial firm that integrated best of investment and commercial banking. I am working as a financial analyst with ABC Bank and would like to apply for the post of senior financial analyst. The introductory paragraph should include the clear mention of the post you are applying for.The cover letter should mention in brief, what your financial resume would be containing.

Body of the letter:

The body of the letter can be divided into maximum two paragraphs. In this paragraph, provide details that will act as a proof for the details you mentioned in the introductory paragraph. Young graduates need to mention their academic details and skills that would help to work in professional work environment. If the job opening advertisements includes that the candidate should possess knowledge of certain subjects, then mention the details of these subjects if you have learned them. I have completed my B. Sc. degree in finance from California State University. My course included subjects such as management information system, computer science, financial management, business writing and statistic. My internship at ABC Financial Inc. has helped me gained interpersonal skills and management skill. I have learned how to work under pressure, achieve targets, generate reports and manage financial data. Example for candidate with work experience: The innovative approach of Greta Securities of allowing customers access to access real time financial movement interests me. I can be a valuable addition to your financial consultant team because of my experience in developing and using online banking and brokerage systems.

Concluding paragraph:

In the concluding paragraph, mention your contact details, thank the recruiter for their time and considering you for the particular position. Mention that you are waiting to hear from them and are interested to work with them.

Other details:

Mention your address and today's date at the top of the cover letter. Below the date, mention the recruiter's details such as recruiter's name, designation, companies address. Use appropriate salutation such as Dear Mr. George Peterson. You can end your cover letter as follows:


[Your Sign]

[First Name Last name]

Enclosures: Resume, [Other documents attached along with the cover letter]


  • Use readable, professional font when you draft your cover letter

  • Do not write a generic cover letter. Write a customized cover letter for every financial job you apply.

  • Proof read the cover letter and make sure that it is error free

    The financial cover letters must place emphasis on your skills gained through work experience or internship experience or college projects. By glancing through your cover letter, the recruiter must be able to get a clear idea about the job you are looking for, your qualification, experience, skills and achievements that make you the right candidate for the job.

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