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Sample Cover Letter of Acceptance

Cover Letter for Finance Job

Cover letters create a good impact of the candidate applying for a job as it highlights the candidate’s skills and qualifications essential for the job. The applicant also opens the conversation with their future employers. Cover letters therefore need to be drafted in a personalized manner for every job you are applying.

Cover letter for job acceptance should be a confirmation from the candidate that he/she is ready to work for their company on the terms and conditions that both parties have mutually agreed upon. The letters needs to be professional and precise. Details about the position the candidate would take, the department he/she would be joining, and the date when they would resume their work should be clearly mentioned.

In most case, the details are already discussed earlier, but giving a confirmation in writing would prove useful. The remuneration that has been agreed on also needs a mention. The letter should be courteous and include pleasantries and appreciations for the employer and the staff. It should end with a thank you note and how the candidate feels to be on board to take the responsibilities lying ahead. It should also assure the employer that they are ready to face the challenges and be an integral part of the organization.

Given below are samples of job acceptance cover letters for finance jobs. Candidates can go through these letters and use them, making the necessary changes that they wish to make.

Sample Job Acceptance Letter

Paul A. Burgess,
762 Rockford Mountain Lane,
Watertown, WI 53094,
(920)-206 7473.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Kyle C. Wilbourn,

Director of Finance
Xfer Pvt Ltd., 4239 Commerce Boulevard,
Baldwin, WI 53246.

Dear Mr. Wilbourn,

I am pleased to accept your offer, and I am looking forward to joining you and your staff, next month.

The Financial Analyst position is ideally suited to my background and interests. I assure you I will put forth my best effort in making this an effective position within your company.

I understand I will begin work on July 1, 2005, in the Baldwin office. I would like to confirm that, I agreed for a starting salary of (state offer, terms, etc.). If, in the meantime, I need to complete any paperwork or fulfill any other matters, please contact me on the above number or on (920)-524-4594.

I enjoyed meeting with you and your staff and appreciate the professional manner in which the hiring was conducted.


Paul A. Burgess.


Job Acceptance Letter

James S. Ortega,
3341 Fidler Drive,
San Antonio, TX 78229.
(210)-593 0834.

August 26, 2011.

Shirley S. Cunningham,

Director of Finance,
GFJ Pvt. Ltd.,
4071 Oakridge Lane,
Irving, TX 75039.

Dear Ms. Cunningham,

I am pleased to accept your offer for the post of accounts assistant in your esteemed organization. I would be joining work from September 20, 2011.

The position of an accounts assistant is challenging and demanding. I am glad to take this position as it would serve as a building block for my future as well as my career. Working under the guidance of Mr. Frank Donald is an honor and it would be my utmost pleasure assisting him.

I would like to confirm the remuneration we agreed upon, which is $650.00 per week. In the meanwhile, would you require any documents or complete any formalities, please feel free to call me on the above number or on (210)-593 0000.

I would once again like to thank you and the staff for their friendly attitude and patience extended towards me during my visit.

I look forward to be on board and be part of your huge family at GFJ.

Yours very truly,
James S. Ortega.


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