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A good resume is always accompanied by a cover letter. Cover letters are also written to follow up with the employer on various occasions such as to send a reminder after the interview, to accept the offer, acknowledge the company’s offer, extent the deadline of their response and so on. These letters are required to be precise and very professional.

Candidates usually extend their response deadline if they are not sure whether to take up the job, if they are awaiting the response for a good position, or they have a few more interview offers. Candidates need to be very careful before accepting an offer as it is a very important career decision for their future. Applicants have to think all the long term benefits such as future prospects, company’s reputation, its policies, the position offered, duties and responsibilities, before accepting a job. Accepting an offer is giving a commitment to the organization that you are ready to be on board to face the challenges lying ahead.

Given below are a few examples of cover letters written to extend the response deadline for financial jobs. While writing such letters candidates need to be tactful to buy time from the organization. The letter should be drafted in such a way that the organization is ready to give the required time to the candidate to take the decision. The organization should also not feel that the candidate is disinterested.

Extending Response Deadline Letter

John S. Culler,
3448 Bagwell Avenue,
Ocala, FL 34471,
(352)-690 5910.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Bruce B. Lee,

Marketing Director
Fanfare Publishing Company 3832 Still Street,
Jacksonville, FL 34758.

Dear Mr. Lee,

You must be aware of how serious I am about the Accounting Officer position you have offered and how pleased I am to have received the offer. I do have some other personal commitments that I am trying to finish as soon as possible. These obligations will influence my decision, and I find that I will need some additional time to respond to your offer.

The opportunity with Fanfare Publishing is outstanding. However I am still involved in the interview process which I started several months ago to ensure a better future for me. I wish to see these opportunities through to a conclusion to ensure making the best decision for me and for my future employer.

I anticipate giving you a firm response by May 25, 2005. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Again, I am delighted with the offer and appreciate your understanding.


John S. Culler.

Response Deadline Extending Letter

Elwood M. Brown,
16 Corpening Drive,
Pontiac, MI 48057,
(248)-364 7788

Date: August 26, 2011.

Charles L. Ojeda,
Human Resource Manager,
Tunso Ltd.,
4978 Lilac Lane,
Detroit, MI 48326.

Dear Mr. Brown,

I appreciate the phone call I received from you yesterday, August 25, 2011, giving me an opportunity to work as the Deputy Chief Finance Officer, in your esteemed organization.

I always wished to work for an organization that is employee oriented; who thinks twice before taking any decision to gain employee satisfaction and which thrives for the uplift and progress of all the personnel associated with the firm. Yours is one such firm and I would be glad to take the opportunity coming my way.

Unfortunately the current projects I am working on have been extended for a few weeks and I have to make a few important decisions upon completion of the same. I would appreciate if you could give me two weeks time to reciprocate your offer.

I would come back to you with a response by September 12, 2011 and hope you would extent your help by giving me the time to take this major career decision. I would once again like to emphasize that I am glad with this offer and would also appreciate your understanding.

Elwood M. Brown.


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