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In this section you will find sample customer service cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on customer service jobs.

Customer-Sevice Cover Letter

A cover letter is send when you are responding for a known job opening or when you are enquiring for a possible job opening or when you request information and help for your job search. Draft a customized cover letter for every job you apply for. Avoid sending a generic cover letter to the employer. A customer service cover letters should include the details about the exact job profile you are interested in, the customer service and interpersonal skills that you possess and the reason why you would like to work for the particular organization.

The customer service job profiles are generally of two types. One is the customer service agents that provide information or service to customers over the phone and the other is front desk customer service clerk that attend customers. It is essential to mention the exact job opening you are applying for so that the employer gets a clear idea about it. Those applying for customer service jobs in banking sector need to have customer service skills related to banking through training programs or earlier work experience in financial sector.

Candidates applying for customer service clerk or front office jobs need to mention their interest in retail area and emphasized their pleasant personality, interpersonal skills, etc. Those who have worked as a customer service agent and taken calls need to mention whether they worked in inbound or outbound process. Mention the customer rating that you received or the special training that you last company provided. For example: received 98% Csat (Customer satisfaction) rating on an average and 100% Csat rating for the month of December 20XX. Received CSE training from external trainers certified by ISO 9001 company. Those applying for team lead or senior customer service executive position need to mention the leadership responsibilities they took during their tenure at their previous job.

Customer service jobs in banking sector needs different skill sets. Therefore, when you draft your cover letter, mention your experience of handling customers with banking-related issues. For example: Worked with XYZ banking firm as a customer service executive. I have experience of handling irate customers and solving their issues. I am proficient in using security guidelines and not disclosing important financial data of the customer.

The candidates who are looking forward to work in airline industry as customer service executive need a degree or diploma in travel and tourism. If you do not have relevant degree, then you need to mention your work experience details. Place emphasis on your customer service skills. Mention that you are ready to work in shifts, if the company has different shift times.

Do not forget to thank the employer for their time and considering you for a job opening in their company. Provide your contact details in the letter without any error. Mention the complete postal address at the top and contact number in the concluding paragraph of your customer service cover letters. The employer may call you on your contact number or send a call letter for interview on your postal address. Sign the letter and mention that you have enclosed the resume along with it. Use readable, professional font while draft your letter. You can either indent both the address to left or right indent your address and left indent the address of employer.

This site has various cover letters for customer service jobs such as airline customer service representative, bank customer service representative, customer service clerk, customer service instructor, customer service manager, etc. You can use these customer service cover letters for reference while writing your cover letter. Place emphasis on your work experience, customer service, analytical and inter personal management skills you posses. Since most customer service jobs do not need specific educational qualifications, your work experience and practical knowledge should be highlighted in the cover letter.

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