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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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The cover letters acts as a professional document that helps in getting a good job for any of the reputed and organization. In other words, it acts as a catalyst between the job seeker and the employer. It is very important that a cover letter should be drafted in such a manner that it should have a professional outlook. There are some of the points that should be noted before drafting a cover letter i.e. the cover letter should be short and precise with relevant information, it should follow a certain regular pattern from the start to the end, the information entered should be correct and to the best of your knowledge and it should have an attractive outlook. There are various purposes of writing a cover letter i.e. it can be used for job acknowledgement, thanking the recruiter/ reader, job acceptance, salary negotiation, thanking the referrer, etc.

While drafting the cover letter make sure that the language is not very complex and flowery, there are no grammatical mistakes, the sentence construction is correct and the vocabulary is correct; otherwise it sometimes create a negative impression in the eyes of the recruiter/reader. Another important aspect of the cover letter is that it should be constructed in the correct sequence i.e. it should start with the details of the job seeker (name, address, email id and telephone number), followed by the date on which the cover letter is posted, then comes the details of the employer (name, designation, company's name and company's address), then the subject of the cover letter (i.e. the purpose of writing the cover letter) followed by the reference part (the source from which you came to know about the job opening). After that the body of the cover letter which highlights the professional details in a positive manner and at the end of the cover letter, put your signature followed by your name. Do remember to attach the resume with the cover letter.

Below is the sample cover letter for thanking the referrer. Basically this cover letter is drafted in order to show your gratitude towards the referrer who helped you in scheduling an interview and also provides you with valuable advices so as to give the cover letter an attractive and professional outlook.

Sample Thank You Cover Letter to Referrer

Robert B. Reed,
4900 Small Street
New York, NY 10036,
(212) 840-3941.

Date: October 5, 2011.

Mr. Brian R. Lewis,
National School of Social Science,
4790 Arrowood Drive,
Jacksonville, FL 32246.

Dear Mr. Brain,

First of all, I would like to thank you for providing your valuable reference for the position of social science teacher in National School of Social Science. I am very happy to tell you that I have been selected for that post and will be joining from the next week. As suggested by you, I had made the required changes in my resume by highlighted the essential parts of the resume such as my credentials, skill set and all the important professional aspect of it.

Certainly it would not have been possible without your precious advice and reference that I could be able to crack the interview round so easily. Thank you once again for taking out some time from your busy schedule and providing me proper guidance. I would be sending the copy of resume for further suggestions. Looking forward to meet you in future


Robert B. Reed.

This is one of the well designed cover letter for thanking the referrer. Hope this letter would give you a clear picture for drafting a thanking cover letter in the near future. Remember to end the cover letter on a positive node.
Best of Luck!!

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