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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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Negotiating a salary with the employer can either fail the deal or complete the agreement. You may either look like someone who is asking more than his/her caliber, or it might just derive a conclusion between you and the would-be employer, where the situation for both of you would be a win-win. So considering your experience, current packages, and the industry norm, you must draft the salary negotiation cover letter. It is one of the most important letters of your professional life. You must thus, prepare it with care and sensitivity.

Before getting into writing, recollect all the information you have collected during your interview process. Determine what future prospects you have by working in the new company. Get information about the packages offered by other companies for your kind of skills and experience. Once you are able to see the bigger picture, begin drafting the letter.

Remember, the tone of the letter should not show that you are trying to be excessively demanding, or confronting with the company. Make the letter effective with simple and conversational tone. Show the employer what the job offer means to you. Tell them what skills and experience you can bring to the company. State your salary concerns in a matured and elegant manner. Prove why you deserve the expected salary by talking about your achievements. Repeat your interest for the job, and request an appointment to discuss the issue.

Salary Negotiation Cover Letter before Joining for Designing Jobs

Andrew M. Goodlett,
534 Cheshire Road,
Danbury, CT 06810,
(203)-abc 1796.

Date: October 9, 2011.

Mr. Thomas M. Butler,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Corporations,
3393 Forest Avenue,
Danbury, CT 06810.

Dear Mr. Butler,

I received your job offer letter yesterday morning for the position of (insert your designing job here) with ABC Corporations. I was jumping up and down with joy the moment it was delivered to me by the courier person. I am looking forward to the day to arrive when I start working in your company. I wish the joining date would have been closer. I am confident of playing a greater role in all the company's projects as I have seen a lot about this field for these nine years. The employment terms and conditions are accepted to me. However, I feel few changes are needed.

The salary offered to me is $xyz (insert the offered salary here) for each year. This prompted me to check it with other companies. As per the industry norms, the difference in the offered salary for the position of (insert your job position) is quite prominent. I assume some typing mistake has been committed in describing the pay package. According to the survey conducted by me, I should get a salary of $xyz (insert your expected salary). This figure is very much in-line with my skills and experiences that I am capable of bringing it to the job.

No doubt, the position in your company means a lot to me. I have plans ready in my hand I want to implement it in your company. I am happy to know that my career goals correspond with your company's vision. With my skills and experience, I believe that together we can accomplish our common mission.

Please allow me an opportunity to meet and discuss with you the above-mentioned changes whenever you are free. I am expecting your call, and hope to meet you before October 25, 2011–my joining date.


Andrew M. Goodlett,

Lots of designations are assigned with the designing work, since the term 'designing' is very wide. The designation and the salary would differ among the job profiles as such. That is why we have not mentioned the job position, offered and the expected salary on the cover letter sample. This sample letter can be used for negotiating salary for all types of designing jobs. By reading the letter you would understand where you have to insert the job position, offered salary and the salary you want to work in.

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