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Sample Letter of Recommendation

Cover Letter for Civil Construction Jobs

The recommendation letters are written by seniors or friends or colleagues of the candidate, to recommend them for any job. You need to follow certain professional letter writing rules, when you are drafting these letters. The letter should have three sections. The body of the letter must highlight the professional achievements of the candidate. The introduction section should provide details about the reason why you are recommending the particular candidate for the job.

Following are the samples, we have drafted for your reference:

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Civil Construction Jobs

Victor M. Gomez,
Construction Manager,
Excel Constructions,
765 Shobe Lane,
Denver, CO 80205,
(970)-475 7574.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Jack R. Heal,
HR Manager,
RTS Constructions,
4277 Polk Street,
Denver, CO 80205.

Dear Mr. Heal,

I am Victor M. Gomez, Construction Manager from Excel Constructions. I would like to recommend Russell T. Smith for the post of Senior Civil Engineer in RTS Constructions. Russell has total work experience of 8 years in the construction industry and has experience of working on construction of bridges.

During his tenure at Excel Constructions, Russell proved to be an excellent employee, who has core knowledge of the projects he is working on. When he joined our company he was assigned duties to plan, manage and coordinate the construction work. Considering his excellence at work, we assigned him a team of 4, who directly reported to him.

Russell has also worked on reconstruction work of Xyz Bridge. There were no discrepancies in the projects completed by him. We had awarded him the excellence at work award, for his outstanding performance at work. He has good communication, which helps him to coordinate and motivate his team members.

I would like to thank you for the time you spent to go through this letter. Please go through the enclosed resume and certificates of Russell. The resume will proved you additional details about his professional expertise.



Victor M. Gomez,
Construction Manager,
Excel Constructions.

Copy of Resume
Certificates for excellent performance at work

Sample Recommendation Letter for Civil Construction Jobs

Earl T. Dunlap,
Department Head,
Global Construction Company,
1324 Ridenour Street,
Sunrise, FL 33323,
(786)-234 8958,

Date: May 26, 2005.

Daniel T. Simpson,
HR Manager,
Imperial Constructions Limited,
1704 Euclid Avenue,
Sunrise, FL 33323.

Dear Mr. Simpson,

This is to notify you that Denise Scale worked with Global Construction Company from February 6, 1999 to February 12, 2004 as Construction Manager. Denise has total 15 years of work experience in the construction industry. I would like to recommend him for the post of Construction Manager in your construction firm.

Denise would prove to be an ideal candidate for the job opening you are recruiting for, as your construction firm deals with construction and repair of dams. Denise is an expert in the designing, planning, construction, coordination and management of dams. He thoroughly understands the hard work, coordination and dedication needed to complete the construction of such huge projects.

He has excellent communication skills, hence, he is able to coordinate with his team, workers, architects, clients, government official for the smooth working of these projects. Russell is honest and no discrepancy has been observed in his work. We would have liked it if he would have continued work with us, but as he wants to move ahead in his career, we wish him the best.

Thank for reading this recommendation letter. Please consider Russell for the post of Construction Manager in your organization. I am confident that he will prove to be a brilliant employee.



Earl T. Dunlap,
Department Head,
Global Construction Company

The samples provided above are drafted for your guidance. You can refer them, when you are drafting your recommendation letter. To keep the letter error free, read it at least twice so that it is error free.

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