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In a call center job, you are expected to provide solutions to the clients on the phone quickly and correctly. To do the job, you need to have a pleasant voice, good pronunciation and above all a patient attitude to listen to the customers' complaints. You must be comfortable working with computer. You should also be a good learner who can adjust with the new technology and procedures efficiently as and when there are any changes or update made in the system.

You can find a job in the banking, travel industry, service or a telecommunication sector, since all these sectors have call centers to provide customer care. The selection for the job will be based on your education, skills set, and similar call center experiences.

Before trying for the call center job, you must actually have a word with someone who has been in this profession for a longer period, and seek his/her advice. By approaching that person, it will help you to know how far you can go and what you can achieve being in this profession. Since the call center jobs are mostly based on providing customer care, and is sales-oriented, you should be prepared for the challenges you would require to face in the job.

Get the information of the person you are trying for suggestions from through your network of friends, colleagues and relatives. After getting the contact details of the person, try to approach them in a decent manner. Making a call or sending an email would not be professional. Moreover, there is no guarantee whether you would get a response for your call or the email. Therefore, writing a reference cover letter for suggestions is the perfect way to show your respect for the readers and get their appointment.

Reference Letter for Suggestions for Call Center Jobs

Robert A. Fisher,
4294 Glenwood Avenue,
Euclid, OH 44132,
(216) xyz-2785.

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. Donald J. Fall,
Department Manager,
Bright Call Center,
1634 Corbin Branch Road,
Euclid, OH 44132.

Dear Mr. Fall,

I am grateful to Mr. Cornette, editor to FHM Magazine, for suggesting me to contact you and get your advice about pursing a call center career. According to him, you are the right person who has been in the customer-care industry for years and have vast knowledge and experience of the call center.

I have a bachelor's degree in commerce and banking has been my special subject. Currently, I am working with ABC Bank as an intern in the finance department that I got through the campus recruitment. Since I enjoy working in a fast-phased environment, and have been providing customer-care services for the last eight months of my internship, I found this field exciting, and matching with my skill-sets and interest.

I will be completing my master's in business administration in the next month. I am planning to seek a managerial position in the call center as I love to work in tight-schedules. I have also completed a six-month certification course in call center training. In my training, I have learned the fundamentals of project and workforce management. I am comfortable with the latest call center technology.

I have achieved practical knowledge in handling customers' accounts for the bank. I have attended numerous customers call, and helped them to understand the various financial schemes our bank is promoting. I am aware about the importance of time in customer-care business. And I take care to satisfy customers without wasting any time.

I would like to meet you at your leisure, and would like to have suggestions on whether my skill sets, internship experience, and qualification are suitable for a call center career or not. I will make contact with you after seven days to find a suitable time of our meeting. Thank you for your attention.


Robert A. Fisher,
Senior Student, Accounts,
ISC, Ohio.

This sample of a reference letter for suggestions is written by the person who is about to complete his master's degree in business administration and likes to pursue his career in the call center industry. If you are on the same boat as the writer, you can use this sample letter as a direction and write your own message to the recipient from whom you are seeking suggestions.

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