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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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A company can establish its name and product with the help of an advertisement. Through advertisement, they can achieve a target of spreading knowledge about their products and services in the market. An effective advertisement can generate an impact in people's mind, and it will further help the companies to reap the benefits for a longer time.

Jobs in the advertising field are very demanding and creative. If you have the ability to create something unique that can attract the customer's minds in a product or services, then you will we welcomed by the employers. They need people with creative minds who can develop ideas for their products, services, and help them get recognition in the market. You must be able to think and foresee how an advertisement of a product or services will turn out once it is complete.

The career opportunities in the advertising industry are growing rapidly as lots of products and services are being brought in the market regularly. However, getting a job is not like walking in the garden. You will have to sweat a lot, and prove yourself to find the job of your caliber. The problem is more severe when you are a fresher, or have just completed an internship and looking for a job.

The period between getting a job and searching for the job is the toughest time of one's life. Sometimes, you never know how to start and whom to approach. You are also likely to go into depression. And when somebody offers a piece of advice during such critical situations, would not it be a nice thing to thank the person for pulling you out from such despair? Yes! It is indeed.

A call saying 'thank you' can communicate your feelings of appreciation to the person. Even so, it is far better to write a thank you cover letter as a mark of sincerity. After all, who will not love to read a letter saying 'thank–you' for their deeds? The readers might even preserve it for their lifetime. Moreover, the letter can show that you are really serious about acknowledging something they have done for you.

Here is a sample thank you cover letter you can write to the referrer to helping you in advertising jobs.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Douglas M. Collier,
132 New Creek Road,
Anniston, AL 36203,
(256) abc-1349.

Date: October 6, 2011.

Mr. Victor M. Wright,
National Advertising Inc.,
2294 Forest Avenue,
New York, NY 10011.

Dear Mr. Wright,

I am really overwhelmed with gratitude for the help you have provided in making my resume and cover letter impressive. Your suggestions were remarkable, and I have already received an interview call from two advertising companies, which are scheduled for the next week. I had never imagined that one single meeting with you can bring such a huge change in my career. Thank you very much and I owe you a lot for your valuable time and advice.

I was tired knocking at the doors of the employers for a job. My resumes were collected by all those hiring managers, and I was returned by them with an assurance of calling me for an interview. That, somehow never happened in spite of following up with them regularly. I was beginning to lose my patience, and there was a time when I decided to quit this advertising field and taking up some other job. Then, I met one of my college-time friends. It was his suggestion that I meet you and have a piece of advice. I am also indebted to him for showing me the way to meet you.

I am seeing this as a beginning of long professional relationships, and I would need many more suggestions from you in my career. I will update you about the interview, and would love to hear from you to decide which company I should join.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person, and reformer of my life.


Douglas M. Collier.

This thank you cover letter sample is nicely written in which the writer is describing the status he had been through, and the current changes experienced by implementing the suggestions given by the reader. This will surely touch the reader's heart as it is echoing sincerity, and expressing an opinion to maintain a long-term relationship.

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