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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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Thank you cover letter to a referrer is a cover letter written to your referrer to thank him/her for their help. Cover letters are a very important part of business etiquette and one must never underestimate their importance. A thank you cover letter can be of different types and one of them is the thank you letter written to your referrer.

One might doubt about the need for writing a letter to the referrer. You might feel that a verbal thank you is enough. It is important, but not enough. However, in today's world, where everyone is neck–to–neck in competition, every step counts. You must make sure that you never miss out anything on any step. Thus, a thank you letter sent to your referrer is an important and effective way to let your referrer know how grateful you are. Moreover, it is essential to use a formal way of writing while composing this letter.

In civil industry, there is a need for talented and polished individuals. Your efforts will go a long way in establishing a name for yourself in the industry. Hence, your thank you letter will impress your referrer and make him think about you in positive and new light. It will create an impression of you as a professional with panache in their minds. If you are new in the industry, it will help you a lot by creating a good image about you right from the beginning.

Here is an example of a thank you cover letter for your referrer for the civil–construction industry:

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Patricia Adams,
19 Michel Street,
Boston, MA 01741,
(610) 723-9595.

Date: 1st May, 2005.

Mr. Jamie Stevens,
Dream Builders and Developers,
999 park avenue,
New York, NY 11111-6789.

Dear Mr. Stevens,

This is regarding our discussion yesterday about my career goals, and short and long–term objectives, which has given me new insight as to how to work towards my aims. Moreover, the suggestions you gave for my resume are very effective, and I would like to thank you for all your help. I am already recomposing it, and I will forward you a copy of the rewritten resume as soon as possible.

Thank you for providing me the list of names of important contacts as well. I will follow your suggestions and keep you updated about it. Moreover, I have already applied for the on–site internship you mentioned to gain some practical knowledge and will join shortly.

Again, I would like to thank you for taking time off for me from your busy schedule and guiding me in the best way possible. I would be very grateful if you continued mentoring me as I would require the guidance of a highly accomplished and established individual like you.


Patricia Adams.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Use proper salutation(Dear Mr./ Dear Ms./ Dear Sir/ Dear Madam)
  • Closing should be formal. For Example: – Sincerely, truly, yours truly, etc.
  • Use proper language. No slang
  • Check for spelling or grammatical errors or typo errors
  • Do not write a very lengthy cover letter. Use short paragraphs
  • Use a good quality paper
  • Never use one line thank you cover letters. It is important to write a proper letter and not just letters that seem like tweets
  • Never get the name of your referrer wrong. There is no greater mistake than this
  • Ask the referrer to keep mentoring you in the future as his/her help is very valuable for your career

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