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In this section you will find sample scholarship cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on scholarship jobs.

Scholarship Cover LetterMost colleges provide scholarship program, where students with excellent academic or extracurricular performance are granted scholarship. There is a tough competition among students to get this scholarship. The management has to go through several cover letters to select the best candidate. Your scholarship cover letter should be to the point, well-written and professional. Before you start writing your cover letter find out what the college scholarship committee is looking for in the candidates. Collect details about your academic achievements and extra-curricular activities that you would like to mention.

Instructions to write a scholarship cover letters are as follows:

Start the cover letter by writing your address, date and the address of the college. Mention your name and complete postal address. Do research to find the name of the person who you need to send this letter to. Don't use generic salutation such as to whom so ever it may concern or dear sir/madam. Go through the college website to find out the name of the concerned person. You can even give a call to the college to find the name of the concerned person.

After going through the college website, find out what the scholarship committee is looking for in the candidates. For example: If the committee is looking for candidates with excellent academic background, then mention it in your cover letter.

In the body of the cover letter, show some gratitude to the committee as they are working for a good cause. Compliment them for their work and how the students who have received these scholarships have excelled in their profession. Promise the scholarship committee that you will utilize the benefits to excel in your field of work. You can let them know about your various achievements and scholarships you gained in the past. Let them know how hard you work to qualify and get these scholarships. Mention the reason why you need this scholarship. Mention your financial conditions due to which you need this scholarship. List your achievements, extra-activities, part-time job, community work using bullet points so that the recruiters easily notice them. If you have done any community work, then mention it in your cover letter as your responsibility towards the society will be considered.

In the last paragraph, thank the scholarship committee for their time and considering you for the scholarship. Let them know that you are waiting for their reply. End the letter using proper letter writing salutations. You can end your cover letter as follows:


[Complete name]

Sign in the space above your name. Mention the documents that you have enclosed with the cover letter. Sending these documents and the cover letter in an envelope with the college address printed on it.


  • Proofread the cover letter before sending it. Ask your colleagues or friends to go through your cover letter and as for suggestions. Make the necessary changes and also get rid of spelling, grammar and typing mistakes.

  • When you draft any such letter, makes sure you jot down point you want to mention in the cover letter before you start writing it.

There are several scholarship cover letters on this site that you can use as reference. The scholarship acknowledgement cover letter can be used by the recruitment committee to inform the candidates that their application is being considered and the result will be declared soon. The application for scholarship cover letter can be written when you are applying for any scholarship. Cover letter for congratulating is send when you want to inform the candidate that they have received the scholarship. Rejection cover letter is sent to inform the candidate that they are not selected for the scholarship.

The scholarship cover letters must place emphasis on the skills, achievements of the candidate, the reason they deserve the scholarship, brief detail about their excellent academic or sport performance.

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