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Finance is one of the major hindrances in getting a quality education in these economic days. Thank to the scholarship scheme carried out by colleges, universities, private and public companies, social groups and individuals, that deserving candidates can pursue their dreams of higher education.

As prices of goods, commodities and properties have swollen and gone beyond the imagination of average class; cost of education too has made it impossible to complete one’s study. This is why we are noticing a growing demand of scholarship schemes, and scholarship cover letter. To avail the scholarship benefits, you need to impress the committee members by stating your qualifications, experience, and your utter need for the finance in order to complete your education.

If you genuinely deserve the scholarship, then you are likely to receive it. Follow the instructions given below to write your scholarship cover letter:

  • The letter will be effective if it is sent to a particular person rather than the scholarship department. Take efforts and find out to whom the letter is to be sent. By naming the person with his/her last name preceded with 'Dear', the letter will sound both professional and personal.
  • Refer to the type of scholarship you are applying for. Since there are different types of scholarship, naming the scholarship program would minimize the possible confusion. Immediately tell them about meeting the scholarship requirements by briefly stating your qualification, achievement and experience.
  • Some educational institutes may need you to fill a form and send it along with your application. Read the instruction on the form to understand the requirements of the scholarship committee. If community service is one of the priorities, then go ahead and add all the volunteer work you have done while pursuing your studies. Do not simply state that you have volunteered a certain project. Create a short story revolving around your volunteer work.
  • Talk about the importance of scholarship for you. Mention what opportunities and dreams you can fulfill by receiving it. Show your maturity and awareness about your responsibility towards the community.
  • Appreciate the work of the scholarship committee. If your goals and ideas are matching with theirs, include it. End the letter by thanking the committee for the noble work, and to the reader for considering your application.

Application for Scholarship

John P. Casey,
357 Ersel Street,
Dallas, TX 75209
Phone: (214)-000-8525

9 November, 2011

Timothy J. Thompson,
Noble Scholarship Foundation,
1456 University Street,
Imbler, OR 97855

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I would like to apply for the Students’ Scholarship Program conducted by your foundation. I have read the selection criteria on your website and feels that I am following the same path your foundation has been built on. I have a 5.0 GPA (grade-point average) and over 160 hours of volunteer credits to my credentials. I believe my academic achievements and community services experience make me suitable for the scholarship award.

I have participated in various community services. Last year, I went to the neighbor district with my teammates where we donated household items and free medicines to the poor. We stayed there for one complete week and conducted classes in the church. We educated 250 people and distributed study materials about prevention steps against all kinds of diseases.

I would like to carry my passion of helping others by pursing a degree course in medical science. This scholarship will help me in fulfilling my dreams. I feel whatever one achieves in his/her life; they should share and contribute it towards the benefits of the community.

I truly admire the way your foundation is contributing for the society. Thanks for the noble initiative you have taken in helping the needy and deserving candidates to fulfill their dreams of education.

I have enclosed the community service experienced certificate, and my resume for your consideration. Please give me an opportunity to serve the society in a better way by offering me the scholarship to complete my studies.

Thank you for work and consideration.


Ryan M. Conroy

Enclosure: Copy of Experience Certificate Resume

If you have a good academic record and some experience in community service, then write a scholarship cover letter referring to this sample cover letter, and fulfill what you are looking forward to accomplishing through your education.


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