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Writing any rejection letter with tact is not everyone's cup of tea. Usually the applicants for a scholarship are needy candidates and the news of rejection should be broken in a polite manner. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to write a proper rejection letter for a scholarship.

For any institute or organization, it is extremely necessary to maintain good public relations and thus, the interaction with applicants, prospective candidates, etc. should be in a professional manner. However, it should make the applicants and students feel like they are always welcome. Always mention the reason for the candidate's rejection in discrete terms. It would also be convenient for you to keep the same format to send to all rejected candidates even though the reason for rejection might defer a bit.

Whenever you are writing a scholarship rejection cover letter, make sure you are encouraging the student to apply next year or maybe to some other scholarship program of your institute. Always let the applicant know that you are sorry to reject them and you want that they should try again for the scholarship.

The rejection letter that you compose for a scholarship has to appear polite and considerate. However, you do not need to overstress yourself thinking about it. The candidates applying do know that the scholarship awarded is only for a select few. Moreover, we have a suitable rejection cover letter format and sample for your reference. You can make changes to it suiting your needs. There should be no errors regarding the name, reference number, and title when you send out the letter.

Some tips to take into consideration while formulating a rejection letter for scholarships, especially if you are a new organization:

To appear professional, a letter sent from the organization should never have any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and typo errors. It should not be too fancy or too short/too long. Use the standard format specifications for the letter. Always use the organization's letterheads for such formal letters. Enclose the letter in the specified organization's envelope. Always proofread the draft several times before finalizing on any one draft.

Rejection Cover Letter

Andrew Zimmer,
300 Rockefeller Road,
LA, United States,

Date: September 23, 2011.

Dear Mr Zimmer,

Thank you for applying to Wicker County Annual Scholarship. After many deliberations and discussions, we have selected the final list of students for the annual scholarship. However, we are very sorry to inform you that your name is not included in it.

This year there had been a tremendous increase in the number of applicants vying for this scholarship. We have selected the candidates for the scholarship based on their merit, extracurricular activities, and the annual income of their parents. It is very unfortunate that you did not qualify. We encourage you to not lose hope and try for other schemes awarding 40–70% scholarships, if you are still interested in our institute.

We are sending you an enclosed list of scholarship schemes with this letter where you can still apply. There are some other independent organizations providing scholarships to students applying to our institute. In addition, you may as well contact our organization's counseling department to know the best scholarship options for you.

We wish you best for all your future endeavors. Thank you for taking interest in Wicker County Annual Scholarship.


Greta Davies,
Scholarship Committee,
Wicker County Institute of Science,
0001, West end Street,
Carlisle, MA 01744.
(123)-2987 329.


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