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In this section you will find sample referral cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on referral jobs.

Referral Cover LetterReferral cover letters are sent when you want to apply for a job through reference. If your friend or colleague has referred you to the company, you need to send a referral cover letter to the company. In this cover letter, you need to mention the name of the person who has referred you for the job. After you provide the details of the referee, provide details of your accomplishments and skills that will make the employer feel that you are the right candidate for the job. Before you start drafting your cover letter, research about the company you are applying for so that you can mention the positive aspects of this company in your cover letter.

To draft your referral cover letters you can follow the tips provided below:

  • Contact details: Like any general letter, we write a cover letter that also contains your and receiver's address details. Mention your postal address at the top of the letter. Mention the date below your address, followed by the name of the recruiter, designation and the postal address of the company.

  • Salutation: Use proper salutation in your cover letter to refer to the recruiter such as Dear [First name] [Last name]

  • Introductory paragraph: The first paragraph of the cover letter should clearly mention the name of the person who has referred you for the job. Mention the reason why this person referred you for this job. Let the recruiter know whether you worked together or met the referee at a conference or the if they guided you for certain project. Once you have provided the details about the referee, mention details about your achievements and work experience that make you the right candidate for the job.

Body of the letter: The central paragraph of the cover letter can be divided into two small paragraphs. List your academic achievements, work experience, skills you gained through your previous job. Highlight the details of the roles and responsibilities that you performed during your previous jobs. You can list your major achievements, skills and highlights of projects you were a part of. After reading the introductory paragraph where you have mentioned details about your achievements, the recruiter would be looking for proof of those details in the body of the letter.

Closing paragraph: In the last paragraph of your cover letter, thank the recruiter for their time. Make sure that you express gratitude for considering you for a particular job opening.

Closing the letter: End the letter using proper letter-writing etiquetes. Mention regards sign below it and you type your name below your signature.

Enclosures: Mention the list of documents you have enclosed along with the cover letter such as your resume and work experience letter.

Formatting: Use professional font when you draft your cover letter. Your cover letter and resume should contain similar information. Even though the formatting is same, the details provided must not be copies. If you copy the skills and work experience from your resume, then the recruiter may not read your resume. Do not use same formatting as your friends if you are applying for the same. Your cover letter should not look generic. Generic cover letters are rejected, hence draft a customized cover letter for each job opening. Print the cover letter and resume on good quality paper and send it to the employer in an envelope. Make sure you print the address on the envelope. Avoid sending hand written envelope.

Proof-read: Cover letter creates your first impression and it is sent along with a resume that is used to market oneself. Hence a cover letter should be error free. Read your cover letter twice or thrice before sending it to the employer.

The referral cover letters provided on this site can be used to create a customized cover letter when you are applying for job through reference. You can copy, edit, and modify the letters provided according to your preference.

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