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The most challenging part of the human resource department is to manage employees. They have to attend to the employees’ complaints and grievances with a careful approach. They should win the employees’ trust in delivering their judgment to solve their problems. The human resource department should value human and work towards the benefit of the employees and try to bring down the attrition rate.

Human resources personnel should possess good leadership qualities, impeccable communication skills, and interpersonal skills to maintain a relationship with staff and management. They should have the enthusiasm to plan and implement new policies for the benefit of the company and employees. Above all, diplomatic skills are more needed when you are trying to make your career in human resource.

When you are applying for a HR position, you should consider the fact that the person who will read and recruit you is an expert in his/her field. The reader knows very well when to call the candidate for an interview. He/she must have already read hundreds of resumes and cover letters before actually grabbing yours. The reason is simple because all the resumes and cover letters are addressed to the HR department for any position. Hence, you should take every precaution to create a first impression through your HR cover letter

Unlike managers of other departments, the human resource managers have to see hundreds of resumes and cover letters each day. As they are used to in performing this activity regularly, these HR professionals develop skills and prepare a guideline that is faster and easier in selecting the right candidate once they lay their eyes on the cover letters. When the HR manager reads the HR cover letter, he/she scans it quickly and looks for the important elements that are needed to judge the capabilities of the candidate for the position. If your HR cover letter doesn’t include those necessary elements, you will miss the chance for an interview.

So, while preparing your HR cover letter, follow these instructions:

  1. Do Some Research

    Find out as much information as you can about the company you are seeking an employment in. It could be anything about the services, products, works ethics, working environments, and company’s clients. In addition, find the name of the hiring manager to address the letter to him/her. Then find out what sort of responsibilities they require the person on that post to carry out. This is important as it will help you to write your HR cover letter focusing on those points.

    While researching, try to find out an answer on questions such as why the company is trying to hire another employee in the HR department. Is there any problem in the company that they want to solve? Are they setting up one more plant as part of their expansion program, and are in need of someone who can take care of recruitment for that plant, or they just need someone who can implement better and mature policies for smooth functioning of the company.

  2. Prove yourself

    You will be at ease to write your HR cover letter after some research work. Now is the time to assert your claim for the position. If you research tells you that the company needs you to solve their business problems, explain how best you can solve the problem and in what time. Inform the hiring manager that you will be working towards the target right from the first day.

    Don’t just assert your claim, but prove that you have the proper education, experiences, certification and skills to solve the problems. If you have solved any similar type of problems in your previous company, express it with confidence in your letter. Provide the facts about the problems and how you accepted the challenge and solved it in a prescribed time and a peaceful manner.

    If your current job’s profile matches your prospective job’s profile, your chance of landing the job is much brighter.

  3. Show your enthusiasm

    After you have stated your experience and skills about handling problems, express your enthusiasm in motivating employees and implementing firm policies and disciplines within the company. Mention how you can do cost cutting for the benefit of the company without disturbing the morale of the employees.

  4. Call for Action

    This is where you need to call some action from the hiring manager. Best way to do this is by providing a contact number with date and time of contact. Alternatively, simply inform that you will contact the reader after few days to make an appointment.

These instructions will help to write your HR cover letter, and fetch you an interview call from the hiring manager. If you want to see the real HR cover letter samples, go through the links below and click on the sample cover letter to write your own.


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