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Writing a recruiter cover letter shouldn’t be difficult if you are in the recruiting profession. Recruiters are the people who supply skilled and unskilled candidates to their clients by screening candidates on their clients’ behalf. Generally, recruitment for the company is done by the human resources department, but bigger companies have an independent department that looks after recruiting procedures for of their requirements.

Today, finding the right candidate for the opening is a time-consuming procedure. First, you have to make people aware about the vacancy, and invite applications and resumes from them. Then the scanning and sorting process of the application and resumes starts that eats away a lot of the time. Moreover, there is no guarantee of getting the perfect match in spite of spending the valuable time. Hence, to save their time, companies just hand-over their responsibilities to some recruitment agencies, or companies that are specialist in providing workforce for their clients.

As a recruiter, you will mostly work for your clients. There are a number of recruitment agencies that provide recruitment for different types of profession. To grab the position of a recruiter, you must possess a degree. In additional qualifications, employers would prefer someone from a psychology, sociology and a marketing background. If you have done your masters in a business administration, then you are likely to outshine your competitors.

Being in the recruitment profession, you are already aware about the importance of a cover letter. Further, to make it easier for you to get the job, let’s discuss what the employer would like to see in your recruitment cover letter.

As you will be recruiting people for your clients, you should know the details of the job such as the required skill sets and qualifications. You should also keep yourself updated on the current trend of the job market. Let the hiring manager know that you understand your responsibility very well, and you will never breach the trust they will be putting on you by giving you an employment.

Show the employers why they should consider you for the position. Just describe your experiences that go with the job’s requirements. Tell them how important clients are for you because your salary will be paid based on the placements you will be providing. If the company or the agency wants your services to get candidates for any special category, such as engineering, or for some research work, then state your experiences and knowledge for that particular field.

The recruiter cover letter should include your ability to scan the applications and resumes as per the job’s needs. If you have already placed applicants in some company in the past, the employer would feel happy to know the name of the company that you have helped from your placement skills.

As a recruiter, you will need to organize several tests and interviews of the candidates. Clients just don’t have time to go through the lengthy recruitment process in organizing tests and interview. For this reason, they are paying a good amount to the agencies or companies you will be working with. Show your organizing skills through your recruiter cover letter. Express your confidence in finding the right candidate for the job through good organizing and interview taking skills.

The cover letter should also include something about being good in communicating with people both in terms of writing and speaking. It must convey the message that you love meeting and listening to people’s requirements and you are good in developing professional relationships with them.

The most essential thing your recruiter cover letter should include is your diplomatic ability, and maintenance of confidentiality of the matter. This is important because most often you will have to negotiate with the deserving candidates on salary and other terms. Candidates who are a perfect match for the position may demand more than what the company is offering. This is where you diplomatic skills will help you in retaining those candidates without putting an extra burden on your clients’ expenses.

After reading this excerpt about the recruiter cover letter, we are sure you will be eager to see the sample cover letter. To satiate your eagerness, just scroll down and find the links below. We have written the sample letters for the recruiter’s position for different career fields.


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