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Technologist works in the field of technology. They are the professionals who use their scientific knowledge in solving practical problems in various industries. They work constantly towards the use and development of technology. Technologists are the specialists who have extensive knowledge in the field of architecture, education, engineering, industrial, medical, radiologic, software development, and surgical.

If you are seeking a technologist position in any of the above-mentioned areas, you must send your cover letter to claim the position. Follow the tips given below to make your technologist cover letter win the competition.

  • Unless mentioned otherwise, apply through a cover letter

    It is quite tempting to send an email the moment we see an advertisement for the position of our interest. However, one thing we all fail to understand is the fact that most employers prefer to read the hard copy as compared to emails. Moreover, the chances of emails getting deleted by mistake are higher. On the other hand, the typed or hand-written cover letter generates a feeling of sympathy towards the writers. The receiver might read it thinking about the effort the writer has taken in writing.

  • Be target-oriented

    It is easier to write your cover letter when applying against an advertisement. Employers always mention the selection criteria in the job posting. They are very specific when it comes to their needs and expectation. Customize the letter targeting those listed job requirements. The employers would appreciate reading the cover letter, and it will just brighten your chance of receiving an interview call.

  • Express your passion

    Every professional must have a passion towards his/her work. The advertisement may read: “Looking for someone who is passionate about inventing new things in information technology.” Catch this sentence and convey your passion by featuring the job’s needs. You could write: “The job opening is an opportunity to utilize my interest towards networking technology, and I have the skills, experience and confidence to take networking to a different level thereby helping your organization in setting new benchmarks in the information technology.”

  • Highlight your success

    Your past success and achievements will help the readers to predict how you will perform if appointed in the desired position. Show them what you have done for your previous and current employers. Include your technical and business analysis skills. Tell the readers that they will receive the same type of results through your appointment.

    For example, when talking about previous or current achievements, a software engineer would describe his contribution in this way: “In my current position, I have developed software for a private bank that has helped them in keeping track of their defaulters as well as in preventing any phishing activity. My invention has helped them in controlling their deficit to the tune of several hundred dollars.”

  • Use keywords

    There are special terms in technology that employers use when publishing the job. Use those keywords in describing your skills for the job. If the job is calling application from technical experts in C++, or Oracle, mention your ability in those areas in the first paragraph of the cover letter.

  • Be Honest

    Sometimes to get the job by any means, we often try to deceive the employers by listing those skills we are not familiar about. It may work to your advantage at the initial stage. However, when taking the technical test, you will face lots of problems. Furthermore, the employer will never encourage you again after sensing your dishonesty.

  • End the letter with confidence

    Don’t end the cover letter with dull and boring statement such as: “I am waiting for your call,” instead state what your next step would be. You can add: “I will call you on this coming Wednesday at 11:00 am to know when we can meet.”

If these tips aren’t enough for you, then scroll down to find the links below for different technologist cover letter samples. We have catered all those areas where you can work as a technologist.


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