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Sample Technical Publications Writer Cover Letter

Every technical description we read and enjoy today or rather implement it in our daily work despite being from a non-technical background is possible only because of the expertise of technical writers. For technical writers study the technicalities involved in the process of making a product such as machine, equipment, or software and write it in a simple language keeping in view the general audiences.

If you are searching a job as a technical writer, you need to create a cover letter that should speak about your interest and experience in research, development, writing and editing information such as reports, manuals, instruction book, and technical publications.

Include the followings in your technical cover letter in order to be considered for an interview:

  • Writing ability: As a technical writer, you are not only expected to understand the technical terms, you should as well be able to write it in brief, concise and precise manner so that general people can understand it easily. Therefore, you must speak about writing skills in the cover letter. Without stating it, do not expect the employers to understand your writing ability.

  • Skills in using graphics: In your job, you will often have to use graphics to show or explain it clearly what you actually mean to convey through your writing. Include your ability to use photo-editing applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Visio, etc. You must tell the employers that you have already worked in these applications and have used graphics in your work.

  • Problem solving talent and patient attitude: Technical writers are likely to face problems in their work due to some reasons. Even so, it should not deter them in completing the assigned task and meeting deadlines. Talk about your ability in solving problems that may hinder your work. Tell them you are patient and never start the work with half information.

Technical Publications Writer Cover Letter

Vincent J. West,
3222 Zappia Drive
Paris, KY 40361,
(859)-000 6536

Date: November 7, 2011.

Mr. John B. Stoker,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Energy, Inc.,
4174 Burnside Avenue,
Logan, UT 84321.

Dear Mr. Stoker,

It was indeed a pleasure to read and learn through the job advertisement that you need an experienced Technical Publications Writer in your organization. I am therefore, applying for the advertised position with an interest and anticipation in receiving an interview call. I have attached my resume that will give you insight about my work history.

I have been working as a technical writer since 2004. I got the opportunity to work in two different companies that helped me in improving my technical writing skills. I can write any technical and scientific information into simple and perceivable language. As of now, I have written 'n' numbers of technical manuals, reports, instruction books for products such as software, mobile handsets, and electronics appliances.

In my current role as a technical writer with XYZ Company, I am taking care of writing and editing technical documents and periodicals to be published on-line and in print. My talent in writing concise and precise information has been appreciated by my previous and current employer by conferring me with a certificate of merit.

I have completed my education in technical writing from AAA University with a master's degree. In addition to my writing skills, I am comfortable and efficient in using any image-editing software to convey my information more clearly and accurately. I can draw illustrations, graphs, charts and tables to explain the writing material. I am also good in solving technical problems and have a patient attitude and never rest till I finish the work in my hand within the allotted time.

I would love to work and contribute my skills for your company. I am sure that if I have an opportunity to meet you, you will find lots of things in me that could benefit your company. Your time is valuable, and I thank you for reading my application. I am at your service anytime you call me.


Vincent J. West


There is no exception in creating a cover letter that could generate a good response from the employers. In fact, you should accept the challenge and show your writing skills with the help of your cover letter. If you are not sure what and how to include your skills and experience, this sample cover letter will guide you in communicating it precisely.

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