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Scientists are professionals who are knowledgeable and trained in different science areas. Their job is to do scientific research in various fields such as medical, environment, bioinformatics, agriculture, forensic, computer, and arms and ammunitions. Since the field of research is vast, the job descriptions of scientist have no resemblance.

If you are from a science background, you can find a job in a research centers managed by public or private sectors. You can also work in universities if you like teaching science to people. Whatever is your field of interest, you have to write a scientist cover letter to the organization to show that you have the needed qualification and experiences for the job.

As there are different science field, the content of the cover letter in terms of experiences and skills will differ. In general, all the cover letter should contain the following:


Be it any discipline you are applying for, the header of the scientist cover letter should include name and address of the writer along with the contact numbers and email address. It should be dated accordingly. The receiver’s name and address should be written below the date.


The cover letter should convey your motive of writing to the employers. They must be able to understand which job position you are interested working in. Remember, the hiring people are the busiest person and can’t spare enough time in reading your letter. Therefore, apply for the job only if you qualify for it. Use the keywords mentioned in the job description. This will help you in building similarity between your skills and their requirements.

Reflect positive attitude

It is possible that in spite of having adequate qualifications and experiences, you are jobless for a period of time due to some reasons. Be careful not to reflect your negative part in the cover letter. Later, while facing the interview you can explain the readers why you have been off the job for such a period.


The summary of your qualifications will interest the readers more. This will be the second paragraph of the cover letter. Include the related research work you have done during your academic studies. Highlight your area of interest and any recognition received for your work.


For a responsible position as a scientist, you will have to show your ability to undertake scientific research. The readers will try to find out whether you have done any similar research work in your previous job. Mention the name of the project and inform how your research work has benefited the organization, government or the people. Apart from your research skills, you are also expected to examine and report to the concerned authority about your findings.

Express interest

The last section of your cover letter should remind the readers about your interest to work with them. You can add few of the benefits the organization can derive from your employment. Convey the readers that you are interested to meet them and are ready to share any information should they desire.

One thing you should remember while writing your cover letter is to avoid any clichés. Your writing should reflect your own thoughts rather than copying others’ wordings. The readers will easily understand that you have copied the sentences from someone else. If you want to prove that you have are good in written communication, make your cover letter unique and be honest in providing the information.

Sometimes, providing brief and concise information may seem a daunting task. This happens with all professionals regardless for their qualifications and experiences. With this though in our mind, we are helping them by providing links below for a variety of scientist cover letter. Find out the one from your discipline and single click on it to access the cover letter. You will find all the help you have been waiting for creating a result-oriented cover letter.


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