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Sample Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

A teacher assistant is someone who assists teachers in teaching students in schools. However, the job of a teacher assistant is not easy as it sounds. Not only a teacher assistant has to work as per teachers’ guidance, he/she also has to fulfill the expectations of the school and the students. If teaching is your area of interest, then here are some instructions given to help you in finding the job.

Instructions to write teacher assistant cover letter

  • Communicate your love for teaching. Show the employers that you love to work with students of any age-group. If you have any belief or system in teaching, include it in the cover letter and explain how you are following it. Being in the teaching profession, you are looked upon as a person who has moral ethics, and who behaves wisely with one and all, without favoring any particular student. Let the employers know you are someone whom they could trust.

  • Dealing with students in the classroom can sometimes be overwhelming. If you want to pursue a teaching career, you must have patience and persistence. Since the intelligence level among students will not be the same, you have to keep harping on the same-old chords to make some students understand what you are teaching. Show the employers how you have developed you patient and persistent value through your experience.

  • Your teacher assistant cover letter should talk about your enthusiasm for participating in all the indoor and outdoor activities for students’ and school’s benefits. Write about the creative things you have invented for students as part of ‘fun and learn’ activities.

  • As a teacher assistant, you need to supervise students in and outside the classroom as in canteen, playground and even during school picnics. You will also have to give personal attention to students who are slow in their studies. Describe your strengths to manage all these activities. Explain it by giving an example from your previous work.

  • Write your experience in providing computer training to students and assisting teachers in administrative works. Mention how you have planned the teaching syllabus for each class as per teachers’ instructions, took attendance, helped students in boarding the school bus, helped librarians in getting books for students.

  • Lastly, show the employers that you have the ability to work in a team and are always willing to accept suggestions for students’ benefits.

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

Susan Dillon
1126 16th St. NW, Ste. 1000
Washington, DC 20036
Home: (202) 785-1670 • Mobile: 4087675893 • Email:

August 15, 2011

Kevin Dickens
Bright School
Study Lane, Books Avenue
Washington, DC 20034

Dear Dickens,

I strongly believe that knowledge is something that keeps growing the more you distribute it to others. And I have been following this philosophy for the last three years in my teaching profession.

Recently, one of your school teachers suggested me to apply for the teacher assistant position in your school. Complying with the teacher’s suggestion, I am posting this cover letter as a contender for the available position.

My positive point is my interest towards teaching. I love to teach and work with students from any grade. I have the opinion that teachers are responsible to groom students. I treat students equally and with respect regardless of their intelligence level.

I have the patience and enthusiasm to deal with students in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. I always try to implement fun elements in my teaching to make every student understand my teaching. If students are still lacking in their studies, I pay personal attention and provide them free tuition at their home.

I have the experience in maintaining good relationships with teachers, students and their parents. I have organized and attended meetings with parents and updated them on their child’s performance.

With my skills and experiences, I can truly lift the teaching standards of your school to a higher level. To discuss more about my teaching experience, I will call you next week to fix an appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Dillon

This teacher assistant cover letter sample is written to communicate the employer the writer’s interest for teaching, and love towards working with all-grade students. It also includes the philosophy the writer holds for teaching and the benefits he could bring to the school from his appointment.


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