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Sample Preschool Teacher Cover Letter

As a preschool teacher, the pre-requisite quality that is needed to perform the job is the love for teaching and children. If you are searching for a job, then you have to send a cover letter to the school you want to work in. The letter should be a brief summary of your strengths, goals and achievements. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced candidate, a succinct cover letter can help you to convince the readers about your capability for performing the job.

Tips on writing preschool teacher cover letter

  • Acknowledge the fact that a resume gives the entire description of your work history and professional qualifications. Cover letter, on the other hand, highlights strengths relating to the job. Back up your claim about your strength with some example from your past job.

  • The readers’ interest is ignited if you are able to convince them with your reason for working with them. You can also describe why you have chosen the teaching profession and what you are expecting by following it. Here, you can write, “Working with the students in groups and on an individual basis helped me to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Increasing their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses through my teaching gives me immense satisfaction. This is the reason why I prefer the teaching profession.”

  • List the certifications and the degree you are holding. This will really work in case you are falling short of experience. The readers may feel that though you are short of experience, at least you have the qualifications that can help in the job.

Preschool Teacher Cover Letter

Anna D. Vasquez
1282 Saint Clair Street
Batesville, MS 38606
Phone: (662) XXX-6735 •

September 22, 2011

Sara R. Collins
Angel’s Preschool
1230 Timberbrook Lane #50
Batesville, MS 38604

Dear Mr. Collins,

I am applying for the preschool teacher’s position that is currently available in your school. With a positive anticipation, I am enclosing my resume with this cover letter for your kind consideration. I have the passion for teaching, and I love working with toddlers. I am working in an elementary school as a teacher since 2007. I hold a master’s degree in preschool education from AAA University. You can judge from my resume that I have strong interpersonal skills and hands-on experience in teaching students from grade I to VI.

I am lucky to have an opportunity to teach students from different capacities. I am experienced in teaching student afflicted by autism, mental disorders, and physical disability. Teaching varied groups of students have helped in developing a unique style of teaching that is effective in meeting their needs.

I believe students at this tender age can learn faster by incorporating some fun elements in teaching. By following creativity in teaching, I help students to perform well in their studies. Further, I follow this principle in parting knowledge about social etiquettes, and while teaching fundamental skills.

I am a team person, and I can develop good relationships with school members. I also believe that parents should be informed about the events held in school and progress of their kids. For this I hold a monthly meeting with parents and design a newsletter. I even coordinate with colleagues whenever there is any need in developing new activities, or adopting a change in teaching techniques. I communicate my thoughts to the planning committee in implementing resources that are beneficial for students. Above all, I can maintain a rapport of teacher-student relationship. As a teacher, I ensure that each student is given equal attention and a positive reinforcement.

I can inform you about my qualifications and professional experiences in detail if we can meet in person. I am confident that I can work in tandem with your teaching staff and raise the teaching standard of your school to a new level. Please call me as per your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Anna D. Vasquez

Enclosure: Resume

This preschool teacher cover letter sample is the perfect example where the writer is communicating her interest for the teaching profession and her love to teach children. She also states the group of students she has taught and includes her capabilities in a professional manner. If you are looking for a similar position, this sample letter will help you in detailing your professional experience to the school administrator.


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