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As a pastor, you are expected to guide kids, teens, adults, families, and individuals about their moral responsibilities and duty towards god and the society. You are responsible to bring changes in peoples’ lives through your spiritual educations. You are looked upon as a religious educator whom god has selected to serve the community. A pastor needs to counsel youths and families in their afflictions and guide them in fighting and overcoming their miseries.

Pastors’ services are needed in community churches, schools, and religious institutions. To find an employment, you have to send a pastor cover letter to the committee member or the person responsible in appointing pastor.

The letter sent to the employers is actually your introduction and a summary of your work experiences. It also informs the hiring committee about your interest in the church or organization, and your knowledge about the job opening. The goal of the letter is to excite the readers and make them wanting to read more. This is possible by creating an impression through the opening statement. This does not mean that you have to make lengthy sentences and use biblical words. Just think of the introduction you use when addressing a religious ceremony.

Here are few tips you should follow when writing a pastor cover letter:

  • Though you are applying for a job that is spiritual, you should yet choose a business letter format. Remember, the style of writing should correlate with your resume. To do this, use the same font that you have used in your resume. Add the essential components of the business letter such as contact details, date, and a salutation.

  • Start the letter with your information about the job opening. If the letter is a prelude to the telephonic discussion you had with the readers, mention it as well. This will establish a relation, and the reader can immediately recollect the episode.

  • Add your experiences in the next paragraph. Include those things the committee members need for the pastor’s position. If they want an experienced candidate to preach the gospel of Christ, and with some administration skills, then write something like: “As a pastor of a local community church, I have been imparting education about the teaching of Jesus Christ to members of the church. I am well adept in performing all the church administration work such as assigning members to keep the church clean, maintaining a register about the members of the church, conveying information to members about the church’s program, etc.”

  • Sometimes, stating your work experiences does not yield the result. Besides experiences, the employers need something else from you. They should know about your interest for the position, or a desire to work with them. So, do not fail to express your passion for the ministry, school, or institute you are applying for. The committee members would love to read about your interest in joining them. Express about the changes you would love to bring to the congregation.

  • You should be able to lead and motivate the community in following the Bible’s teaching. As a leader of the community, you need to show your ability to advocate a policy for the betterment of the community. On behalf of the community, you can contribute your share in civic administration by talking to the concerned authorities or the mayor of the city about the changes people are expecting in the area. If your leadership has helped the community you are serving in any way, add it in the letter. The committee members would love to have a pastor who can help the society with leadership quality.

To conclude, a pastor cover letter should have introduction, relevant experiences, and it should reflect a passion for the ministry. Conveying leadership qualities to the hiring committee is also important.

If you want to see the how these tips are implemented, here are the links for pastor cover letter samples. Get help from these links and prepare yourself for the job.


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