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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni

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In today's competitive world, it has become common task to ask for guidance from your seniors or alumni. To get in touch with your senior or alumni, you need to send a professional letter. You need to introduce yourself and let them know the reason, why you are sending them this letter. Explain your education background and the guidance you need from them, in the body of the letter. Be courteous and thank them for their time, when you are ending the letter.

Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Alex Brown,
215, Broad Street,
New York, NY 10004,
(212) 500-2500.

Date: May 7, 2005.

Alan Waugh,
Marketing Consultant,
Wilkinson Marketing and Sales,
257, North Street,
New York, NY 45114.

Dear Waugh,

I am Alex Brown, a final year student of MBA (Masters in Business Administration) specialization marketing from New York University. Mr. Peter Louis provided me your reference and has suggested me that I can contact you for guidance related to sales or marketing career. I need your guidance for choosing the appropriate career path in marketing.

Currently, I am pursuing my internship at Alpha Consulting Inc. as an intern trainee in sales. My current employers are happy with my performance during the internship and have decided to absorb into their organization as a full time employee. I want to make a career in core marketing but at the current company I would get exposure to only sales assignments. I need your guidance to decide, whether I should join Alpha Consulting Inc. or continue my job search. Please provide me the reference of those companies, who recruit entry-level marketing graduates for marketing trainee job profile.

Thank you for taking time from your schedule to go through this letter. I would like to request for an appointment, so that I can clarify various doubts related to my job search. Please consider my request and provide me an appointment. I have attached a copy of my resume for you reference. I would call your office on this Wednesday to get your appointment. Thanking you!

Best Regards,

Alexander Flaming.

Sample Reference Cover Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Lamar F. Jones,
4323 Ashcraft Court,
Chula Vista, CA 92010,

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. Kyle D. Montgomery,
Sales Associate,
Intex Private Limited,
4343 Catherine Drive,
Chula Vista, CA 92010.

Dear Mr. Montgomery

I am Lamar F. Jones a student of Imperial college of Management, currently pursuing my graduation in Bachelors of commerce. I found your details from the alumni-student interaction guide. I need you guidance to choose the appropriate career in sales.

During my internship at UTS Company I gained experience of working as a sales agent. Earlier, I was not eager about making a career in sales, but me tenure at UTS company helped me to gain confidence, that I can make a good career in sales. I am comfortable to work in target oriented work environment. I was able to successfully exceed the target levied on me during the internship. I have good academic record and I also participate in various inter-college functions. I need you guidance to judge, whether I am choosing the right career track or need to attend some course or undergo certain aptitude test.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please go through the attached resume that will provide further details about my academic achievements and internship experience. Please provide me chance to meet you, so that I can clearly discuss my career prospects. I would call your office to get your appointment. Please consider my request. Thanking you.



Lamar F. Jones

The samples of reference cover letter for suggestion for senior or alumni provided above can be used for guidance to draft an effectively written cover letter.

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