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Sample Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter

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Your job search ceases when you accept the job offer. As a moral responsibility you must inform the prospective employers to delete your name from the list of probable. This will help another deserving candidate to find a place in the selection list. Once, you have made your mind to join the company, immediately you should call the employer and communicate your decision. Ensure that you are communicating with the person who has offered you the job instead of speaking to other personnel and asking them to pass on the message. After the phone call, as a follow up, you must send an email or a job acceptance letter to the employer.

Address the letter to the same person. See to it that you are attaching any documents requested by the company, or including information about references. Mention the job position or the title offered to you. Confirm your acceptance and state that you are happy to receive the offer and looking forward to joining the company. Ask the employer to sign a copy of your acceptance letter and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with the letter.

Now that it has become an employment contract, file the copy of your letter along with the offer letter. By signing the copy of the letters, a legal agreement is formed between you and the employer.

Since you are from a marketing field, you already know how important it is to maintain relationships with clients. You can build and maintain it through proper communication by calling, emailing or writing letters to your clients. In the same line, the job acceptance letter helps you to strengthen the relationships with the employers. It also reminds the employers about your strength and clears the way for your future expectations.

The following should be included in the job acceptance letter:

  • Acknowledgment of the job offer.

  • Appreciation for receiving the offer.

  • Title or designation offered, and starting date.

  • Employment terms and conditions like compensation package, and benefits.

  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job and the company as well.

Sales Marketing Job Acceptance Letter

James K. Rhodes,
3945 Harrison Street,
San Francisco, CA 94143,
(415)-000 4629

Date: October 20, 2011.

Mr. Hal D. Stokes,
ABC Trading Corporation,
522 Browning Lane,
San Francisco, CA 94140.

Dear Mr. Stokes,

I take great pride in writing this confirmation letter for the job offer made to me for the position of Asst. Director Marketing in ABC Trading Corporation. Thank you so much for offering me the job. I am excited with the offer, and I guarantee total dedication and commitment for the job.

I am pleased to find that you have agreed to pay an annual package of $100,000. The other benefits like health policy, and two weeks of yearly paid leaves are also included in this package. I will be joining ABC Trading Co. on November 21, 2011 after completing my obligations at J and J Engineering Ltd. I am thankful to you for sanctioning additional $500 monthly traveling allowances, and rescheduling my work from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This offer is the most exciting I have ever received in my 15 years of marketing career. I am eagerly waiting in applying all my knowledge and skills for your company.

As requested by you, I am attaching a copy of the certificate I received for my accomplishment from my present employer.

Please sign a copy of this letter attached herewith, and mail in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.


James K. Rhodes.

Copy of certificate
Copy of acceptance letter
Sell-addressed envelope

Good manners and polite behavior always pay you. And when you are someone from a marketing field, then it is more imperative to inculcate these qualities in you if you want to succeed in your career. Hope, that you are well informed about the importance of the job acceptance letter. So, whenever you receive a job offer, this job acceptance letter sample will help you in expressing your gratitude and professional courtesy to the employers.


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