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Sample Letter of Recommendation [Negative]

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There are various professional letters written during the recruitment process. Some companies ask their candidates to get a recommendation letter from their previous employer. When you are drafting a recommendation letter for your previous employee, make sure you go through their file with the HR department. If the performance of the particular candidate was not up to the mark, then you need to inform the future employer about it. A negative recommendation letter highlights the negative performance of the candidate during their previous job. You should use professional language, when you are drafting this letter.

Sample Letter of Recommendation-Negative for Programmers

Donald J. Chaplin,
HR Manager,
AGC IT Services,
4827 Horner Street,
Warren, OH 44485,

Date: May 19, 2005.

Mr. David P. Perkins,
HR Head,
Excel Software,
3178 Washington Avenue,
Warren, OH 44485.

Dear Mr. Perkins,

I would like to inform you that Lisa Robert worked with AGC IT Services as a .net programmer from September 26 2003 to February 16, 2004. She was recruited in AGC IT Services through the college internship program. During the internship, her performance was satisfactory, but once she was absorbed into the company as an employee, her performance was below average.

As Lisa Robert was recruited through internship program, she was provided complete training on .net framework and programming. She was also provided training about the practical implementation of software development lifecycle. Yet she was unable to complete the task assigned to her within stipulated time. There were several flaws in the code programmed by her.

Even after providing constructive feedback, she did not show any scope for improvement. Lisa was unable to complete her project module before the deadline. Considering her incapability to work we assigned her a simpler project, but there was no improvement in her performance. Hence, the management had to take the tough decision of firing her from work.

I hope that you consider my recommendation of not recruiting Lisa Robert for any programming job in your company. I would like to thank you for spending your time to go through this letter.


Donald J. Chaplin,
HR Manager,
AGC IT Services

Cover Letter of Recommendation-Negative for Programmers

Olin T. Ross,
HR Manager,
Ocular Software,
3652 Coleman Avenue,
Riverside, CA 92501,
(760) 838-6849,

Date: October 11, 2011.

Mr. Bradley L. Spieker,
Recruitment Head,
Imperial Software,
4283 Ashford Drive,
Riverside, CA 92501.

Dear Mr. Spieker,

This is to notify you that Antione L. Zane was an employee of Ocular Software from April 11, 2011 to October 1, 2011. He worked with us as senior software programmer. I would not recommend him for any job in the information technology industry, as he is unprofessional and unable to work in stressful deadline oriented work environment.

Considering his work experience, Antione was assigned the complete module of a project and a team of 5 members to the complete the project successfully before the deadline. Antione was irregular at work and took leaves without informing his project manager. He did not even assign work to his subordinate before taking leave, which lead to complete mess up of the project assigned to him.

The client was unhappy with the progress of the project. Hence, we gave him a second chance and assigned a new project to Antione, but there were no improvement in his performance at work. This unprofessional behavior at work by a senior software programmer was totally unacceptable. Hence, we asked him to resign from work.

I would suggest that you do not select Antione L. Zane for any job in your company. Thank you for your time. I hope you consider my suggestion.


Olin T. Ross,
HR Manager,
Ocular Software

The samples of negative recommendation letter provided above can be used for guidance, when you drafting your recommendation letter. Use readable font and professional font style. It is important that you proofread the letter before sending it to the concerned person.

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