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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni

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Cover letter is an official piece of document that is drafted on multiple occasions and for multiple purposes like; job acknowledgement, job acceptance, salary negotiation, resignation, thanking the employer, and many more.

A 'reference letter for suggestion' is a yet another category of cover letter. In this type of cover letter, the writer addresses his/her senior or alumni who belong to the same field as that of the writer. In such a letter the writer demands for the assistance of the reader in finding a job that would suit the profile of the writer.

Given below are samples for suggestion-senior/alumni. You can take the help of the samples to draft your own reference cover letter. Make necessary modifications in the data provided in the letter as per your requirement.

Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

George P. Williams,
"Williams' Cottage"
125, Broad St,
New York, NY 10004-2400,
(212) 549-2500.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Francis Beckon,
National Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
117, Affluence Street,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Beckon,

I think I am dropping you a line after almost a gap of two years. Today I write this letter to tell you that this year I completed my internship at the International School of Pharmacy successfully. I am sure, your experience at the National Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as a senior scientist, too, must have been quite fruitful and beneficial. I have enclosed along with this letter my updated resume that would give you a brief summary and outline of what I have been doing since last year, academically. I also completed my internship with Regional Pharmaceuticals Ltd., which has helped me in polishing my practical research.

During my internship, I found out that if I want to play a long innings in this field, I should start off with a small or medium-sized bulk manufacturing healthcare company. My job target is research content, either in biogenetics or in the bio-informatics area. Ideally, it would be with a company that is 2-5 years old and has 15-20 different products. Geographic location would not be a major consideration. I am open to any situation that is challenging and that which makes adequate use of my skills.

Since you have a very big friend circle comprising all eminent and successful businessmen in the city, I think you can prove a great help to me. I would really appreciate if you could send your acquaintances a copy of my resume or let me have their names so that I could contact them personally. Also do keep me posted with your activities and feel free to give me your valuable suggestions.

I will be waiting to welcome a positive response from you.

Best Regards,

George P. Williams.

Pharmaceuticals Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

John J. Frame,
345 Southern Street,
Westbury, NY 11590,

Date: 1 May, 2011.

Mr. John.P.Foley,
National Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
117, Affluence Street,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Foley,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you that I have successfully completed two years of work in Regional Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as a junior scientist. The experience and knowledge that this organization has given me is inexplicable. I very well wish and hope that your work as a senior scientist is also exciting and giving you the results that you always wished for. I am enclosing my resume hereby to just let you know in brief about my various activities in the past two years.

As you know me very well, I need not tell you what an adventurous individual I am. I always look for and welcome challenges in my life. I wish to tell you that I am looking forward to move on to a new place, with new people and a set of new challenges and responsibilities to shoulder. As you are person with a good bunch of friends around you and all of whom belong to the elite corporate class, I would like to demand a favor from you. I would really appreciate if you could pass forward my resume among your friend circle and let me know of any good opportunity in pharmaceutical field that will be suitable to my profile. My area of interest is biogenetics and bio-information. I would be interested in joining a reputed organization that is in this field sine 9-10 years and has at least 25-30 product ranges.

I will look forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards



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