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Sample Letter of Recommendation [Negative]

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Employers need to draft a negative recommendation letter, when they do not want to recommend their previous employees for job in any other organization. When you are drafting such letter, you should make sure that you mention all relevant information and have a written proof for those details. You should highlight the reason, why you are not recommending the candidate for any job. Provide the exact details of the unethical behavior or problems faced by your organization, because of the inefficiency of your previous employee. You may even attach the memos or complaints placed against the employee. Never provide any fake details in these letters.

Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Gary W. Griffin,
HR Manager,
SDC Legal Firm,
2456 Lakeland Terrace,
Detroit, MI 48226.

Date: May 16, 2005.

Mr. Joseph D. Jones,
Recruitment Head,
Wilson Legal Consultant,
1721 Poe Road,
Detroit, MI 48226.

Dear Mr. Jones,

Mr. Danny Lowe was an employee of SDC Legal Firm from September 27, 2003, to February 20, 2004. He worked with us a legal assistant. During his tenure at SDC Legal Firm, he was irregular at work and did not turn up for important client meeting, which caused huge financial loss to our firm.

The roles and responsibilities assigned to him were assisting the lawyers during the hearings, trails, closings and corporate meetings. He was also assigned investigation of various cases to ensure that the information that we had was true. Due to Danny's absence from the work, management had to look for a last moment replacement for him. He misplaced data of several cases, which was completely unprofessional. Danny was given several warnings and was asked to improve his attitude towards work, but there was no improvement observed in his behavior. Hence, we had to ask him to resign from work.

I would request you that you do not recruit Danny Lowe for job in your organization. I hope you consider my suggestion. I would like to thank you for your time.


Gary W. Griffin,,
HR Manager,
SDC Legal Firm.

Sample Cover Letter of Recommendation-Negative

James M. Lee,
Senior Attorney,
Apex Legal Firm,
2539 Granville Lane,
Newark, NJ 07102,

Date: October 15, 2011.

Mr. Mathew A. Wiseman,
HR Manager,
Grey legal Consultant,
3064 Despard Street,
Newark, NJ 07102.

Dear Mr. Wiseman,

This is to inform you that Josh Peterson was an employee of Apex Legal Firm from June 11, 2011 to September 3, 2011. He worked with our legal firm as a legal advisor. During his tenure with our firm, there were several complaints noted against him by our clients. He even broke the company policy of conducting personal legal practice outside office.

Josh was hired for the post of legal advisor considering his extensive experience in successfully handling several legal cases. But it was observed that the legal advice he provided to our clients was not effective in solving their case. It was also found that he carried his personal practice as well, which was against our companies policies. We issued as strict notice to Josh to stop this unethical behavior at work. But there was no improvement in his behavior at work and he continued his practice in his own office. Considering all this the management fired Josh Peterson from work.

I would recommend that you do not recruit Josh Peterson for any job in your company, as he is unprofessional and does not follow basic ethical values at work. Thank you for spending time to go through this letter.



James M. Lee,
Senior Attorney,
Apex Legal Firm

The samples of recommendation (negative) letter provided above can be used for reference. Make sure you are sending the letter to the appropriate person. It is essential to proofread the document before sending it to the concerned person.

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