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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

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Thank you cover letter after interview is written after completing the interview procedure. It is a letter to thank the employer for their time and consideration of the candidate’s qualifications and skills. The letter also gives an added opportunity for the candidate to inform the employer that they are eager to join the firm apart from highlighting their skills essential for the job.

If the candidate has missed to communicate something important during the interview, it can be written in a thank you cover letter after the interview. This letter if effectively written would help a candidate get the desired job as in some cases employers are unable to take a decision to choose the right candidate.

Candidates can attach a few references along with this letter for the employer to take a better decision after verifying the candidate and the work ethics the candidate has.

Thank You Letter after Interview

Woodrow M. Fisher,
2173 Fulton Street,
Charleston, WV 25314,
(304)-389 9276.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Kevin G. Burnell,
Adroit Web Solutions,
634 Clifford Street,
Oakland, CA 94612.

Dear Mr. Burnell,

      I thank you for the opportunity to meet you. I appreciate your work culture and enjoyed meeting you and members of your staff.

      The interview gave me a chance to gauge how compatible my background, interest, and skill-sets are with the goals of Adroit Web Solutions. As discussed during the interview, my experience as an Associate Software Engineer in ABS, has improved my skills in anticipating, analyzing and resolving logical problems in all areas of application development and deployment.

      I enclose a copy of my experience certificates from my previous employer. You may also contact my present employer, Mr. Dave Manning, for any clarifications.

      I look forward to see you again. 


Woodrow M. Fisher. 

1. Resume - myresume.doc
2. Experience certificate from ABS

Sample of Thank You Letter after Interview

William R. Foster,
3878 Frank Avenue,
Crafton, PA 15205,
(412)-979 7576.

Date:September 19, 2011.

Mr. Miguel E. Maggi,
CNN Software Solutions,
3934 Clousson Road,
Merrill, IA 51038.

Dear Mr. Maggi,

I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the friendliness and warmth extended to me during my interview last week. I enjoyed every bit being there and I hope I will soon be on board to form an integral part of your organization.

I love facing challenges and your interview was one of such kind with the challenging aptitude tests, followed by the personal interview. I would like to stress that the interview had given me a very good insight of this profession. My skill set and knowledge would prove very helpful to take the firm to a new level.

Apart from possessing the right qualifications and experience, I also possess very good communication skills, suitable for this profile of a Software Technician. I am very devoted towards my work and can even give extra hours if need be.

I had given a couple of reference names who might also confirm my work ethics and my persona. If you have any doubts or need any clarifications, please feel free to call me at your convenience.

I look forward for a positive response from your end and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

William R. Foster.

Thank you cover letters are complimentary letters and written in situations where the candidate is very eager to take the job. Appreciating the employer for their time and the efforts taken during the interview along with appreciating the opportunity to meet the employer forms an important part of this letter. The letter needs to be drafted professionally and needs be quite precise.


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