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Sample Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

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It is often said that writing gives an elevation to your thought process, rather than speaking. In writing you can take enough time to give your thoughts a proper fitting language, which is not possible in speaking. Maybe that is why letters are still popular even in the times of mobile phones. Cover letters are similarly popular in the corporate world. A person always would think of drafting an official letter to his/her employer, when he/she has to address a certain issue to the employer, rather than call the employer and talk to him/her. A cover letter is written for various purposes like; job acknowledgement, job acceptance, salary negotiation, resignation, thanking the employer etc. All these cover letters are official pieces of document that follow a regular pattern of formality.

A thank you cover letter is written in order to thank the employer for:

  • Arranging an interview for you to appear.

  • Offering you the post for which you had applied.

  • Accepting any proposal that you had extended.

  • For approving your resignation or any other proposal. Etc

Care must be taken to assure that the language of your cover letter is formal and official. Proper salutations should be made in the beginning. Keep track of the formality in language throughout the letter. The language of a 'thank you cover letter after interview' is very important because you have to take care to make the initiative of a good relationship. You are just one interview old in the organization so you must not create any bad or wrong impression. In a thank you cover letter after interview you can talk about the experience that you had from the interview. You can also talk about the benefits that you availed from the discussions that accompanied the interview session. You can write about the experience that you had with the staff members or the members of the panel who took your interview. Given below is a sample cover letter. You can take the help of the sample to draft your own thank you cover letter. You can modify the letter as per your requirement.

Thank You Letter after Interview

Michael Fernandez,
4850 Flynn Street,
Parma, OH 44129,

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. John Smith,
National Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
257, Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I write this letter to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present myself in the interview as a deserving candidate for the position of an assistant research associate in the National Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I am deeply impressed to see your work culture and I enjoyed meeting you and the staff members of the organization.

The interview was indeed fruitful as it assisted me in understanding my compatibility. The discussions that took place during the interview helped me in structuring and framing my goals in accordance with the goals of your organization. I also could get a clear idea from the discussion about how to put into practical use my education, skills and experience for the benefit of the company. I think that the experiences that I have gathered from my previous organization, Regional Pharmaceuticals, as an intern would definitely be useful for your organizationís R&D department.

The interview and meeting your staff members gave me a very positive feeling regarding your organization. I would like to conclude this letter by saying that it would be my utmost privilege and honor to be a part of your esteemed organization.

Enclosed along with this letter is a copy of my experience certificate from my last employer. You can contact Mr. Ian Bell, my present employer for want of any clarifications.

I have also included my contact number above. Should you have any questions, I request you to feel free to contact me at any time.

I look forward to see you soon.


Michael Fernandez. 

1. Copy of experience certificates - expletter.doc


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