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Cover Letters for IT Jobs

Cover letters for IT jobs are written by aspiring applicants looking for a position in the field of Information Technology. Candidates while writing a cover letter need to lay a lot of emphasis on their skills and hands-on experience that the candidate has gained through practical knowledge. A sound knowledge of the particular field in very important to get the desired job.

Reference cover letters in this section would stress on writing a cover letter with a help of a reference. The reference could be a colleague, your tutor or any person who asks you to apply for the job. Candidates most of the times refer to a newspaper before applying for a job. This could also prove as a reference.

Given below are sample cover letters for IT jobs. Candidates can use this letter as a guide which would help them to draft a cover letter for these kinds of jobs.

Job Application

Jose M. Steward,
3967 Maud Street,
Philadelphia, DE 19108,
(302)-602 8902.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Angelo C. Carson,
National Solutions,
759 Vernon Street,
Sandy Valley, CA 89069.

Dear Mr. Carson,

      Further to your conversation with my class tutor Dave Manning, please find enclosed my resume as application for an entry-level position as an Associate Computer Engineer.

      I have spent the previous one year as an assistant providing support to the senior engineers at a Banking Firm in the summer of 2003. During this time I gained experience in the field of banking solutions and am hoping to gain further experience from a full time position.

      I can assure you that I am reliable and hardworking and that I am anxious to obtain a full time position where I will be able to increase my knowledge and experience.

      I shall call your office on Tuesday for an appointment at a convenient time.

Thanking you.


Jose M. Steward.

1. Resume - myresume.doc

Sample Letter Job Application

Ernest A. Martinez,
1058 Peaceful Lane,
Cleveland, OH 44115,
(216)-430 9909.

Date: September 19, 2011.

Mr. Michael M. Harris,
Blue Berry Pvt. Ltd.,
1104 North Bend River Road,
Garrison, KY 41141.

Dear Mr. Harris,

      Mr. Tom Roberts, an Account Analyst at your firm had referred me to apply for the post of a Networking Engineer at your firm. I would be happy to take the post. Enclosed is my resume for your perusal.

      I have been working as a Network Engineer with Green & Grey Pvt. Ltd., since 2 years and with the kind of exposure I received I assure you that I can thrive in any challenging environment.

Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Configuring and maintaining LAN/WAN equipments and other related services.

  • Identify, diagnose and resolve all the network problems.

  • Maintain and create documents related to all the networks and its implementation.

  • Creating emails for employers, checking authentication administration, business applications and anti-virus protection for both Windows and Linux systems.

  • Operate system patches, upgrade software and hardware configuration.

      I also possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills as I worked as a Customer Support Executive for a year for DEN Ltd., before I joined Green & Grey Pvt. Ltd. My major responsibilities included, interacting with clients. I performed a lot of troubleshooting for firewalls, desktop and laptop installation, Cisco Routers, Wireless Access Points to name a few.

      I am willing to learn new technologies to maintain the industry knowledge and I am ready to accept the challenges lying ahead. Given an opportunity I would prove an asset to your firm.

If you have any queries, please feel free to call me on the above number or email me on, ____. I would be glad to meet you for a personal interview at a mutually agreed time. I can be reached anytime as per your convenience.

I thank you for your time and you consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.


Ernest A. Martinez.

1. Resume - myresume.doc


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