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Sample Reference Letter for Suggestion

Cover Letter for Civil Construction Jobs

Jobs in the construction field are always on the rise as lots of residential, commercial and industrial projects are happening around the globe. Despite the wider career options construction jobs entail, getting the job matching with your profile is not an easy task. You will have to struggle a lot if you are not focused and lack the approach in finding the job.

Construction jobs need motivation and commitment to perform well even under an extreme condition. Since the job requires you to work on the field throughout the day, you should be able to bear with the heat, dust and other challenges that are common scenarios in the construction job.

If you are sincere and are able to take a good decision at the right time, then you are likely to make progress in the construction field. However, it is not possible for everyone to take the important decisions all by themselves. You need someone whom you can trust and rely upon for a piece of advice, somebody who could be your guide or a mentor and help you in prioritizing your career options. If you are able to find such a person, who has all the worldly knowledge and experience to guide you, then you can consider yourself to be lucky.

Since you would be seeking a professional advice from the person, you have to approach them following the professional etiquettes. Writing a reference letter for a suggestion would be the right choice as compared to a phone call or an email. Since the person you are seeking a suggestion from does not know you personally, he/she may not respond to your call or email. A letter bearing his name and address could definitely raise his/her curiosity, and your letter would be read to satisfy their doubts.

Reference Letter for Suggestions for Civil Construction Jobs

Chester M. Henson,
1358 Boring Lane,
Oakland, CA 94612,
(415) abc-4152.

Date: October 6, 2011.

Mr. Roderick K. Rhem,
Senior Engineer,
ABC Construction,
2810 Coolidge Street,
Oakland, CA 94612.

Dear Mr. Rhem,

Joseph Bresnan, manager human resource in A-1 Construction Company asked me to contact you and get enlighten about the career in construction industries. I have completed my bachelor's degree in civil engineering from ABC University. Currently, I am doing my internship in Bright Engineers Ltd. I would also like to seek your suggestions on highlighting my internship skills and civil engineering training on my enclosed resume.

I am good in communication and interpersonal skills and have interacted with clients, staff, seniors and co–workers effectively on the construction site. Though I have not got any chance of interacting with media, I still have the confidence to brief about the project I am working on. I understand the importance of a team work in the construction business, and I am very comfortable in working in a team environment that has a common goal–project's success.

So far, I have worked in two residential, and one commercial project that are constructed in the outskirt area of the Oakland city. At present, I am handling the responsibilities for two industrial projects. I am helping my seniors in planning and designing the project.

Recently, I have got an offer from a company from other state which demands my relocation. I am not able to decide whether I should catch that offer or stick with this company for some more time. I desperately need your guidance to make the decision. I am also not aware whether the company will be providing any accommodation or not. If you could allow me to meet on any date and time that is suitable to you, I will be a happier person.

Please consider my sincere request, since I am looking at you with a great expectation to guide me in my career. I would remain your faithful if you could oblige me with a call and give me the date and time of our meeting.


Chester M. Henson.


This sample letter is written to seek an advice for a civil engineering job. You can use this letter to get suggestions on all types of construction–related jobs. Make sure the content of the letter is easy to read and understood by the readers.


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