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Cover letters have become an inevitable part of the corporate life. You can find cover letters for almost all fields and for almost all purposes. It has become a very vital mode of communication. You can find cover letters for various topics like; job acceptance, job acknowledgement, salary negotiation, resignation, thanking the employer, reference to suggestion and many more of this kind.

A reference cover letter for suggestion is a category of cover letters, in which you write to your senior or alumni for advice or help in finding a worthy and suitable job. The person to whom you write should preferably be of the field in which you are working or interested to work, so that he/she can help you out in finding you a job.

In this page, you will find two samples of such cover letters that are written asking for reference. If you are perplexed regarding how to write such a cover letter, you have come to the right place. Take help of the sample and create your own cover letter.

Reference Sample Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Maria E. Vincent,
4818 Cherry Camp Road,
Hickory Hills, IL 60457,

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Jacob. I.Coll,
National Interiors & Decorators,
1130 Columbia Mine Road,
Charleston, WV 25301.

Dear Coll,

It is with utmost pleasure and joy that I am writing to you, to tell you that a year has passed since I joined International school of Architecture. The time span that I have spent here has been very fruitful and exciting. I participated in a number of workshops arranged by the school and also have had many achievements here. I am enclosing my updated resume hereby to give you a thin idea of what I have been doing in the last one year. I also completed my internship with Regional Interiors and Decorators. I am sure your work at National Interiors & Decorators is also going good and great.

Now that I have completed my education and internship, I am looking forward to join a firm where I can make adequate use of my skills and talents. Ideally my choice and preference would be a firm that would be ready to entertain entry-level candidates. I would like to grow with a growing firm. My first preference in this field is health-care area, which includes development and designing of infrastructures of hospitals and other health care units.

I depend on you for this. As you know I am a freshly passed out candidate in this field, I am not acquainted with many people who belong to this particular field. So I would require your help in finding a suitable job. I would really be glad if you could pass on my resume to your acquaintances and friends and let me know about any suitable vacancy that comes your way.

Coll, I would welcome any advice or suggestion from your side that can prove helpful to me.

Best Regards,

Maria E. Vincent.

Reference Letter for Suggestion-Senior/Alumni

Bernard L. Wilbanks,
3415 Beeghley Street,
Waco, TX 76701,
(254)-762 7078,

Date: 26 May 2006.

Mr. Martin P. Martin,
National Interiors & Decorators,
4899 Star Trek Drive,
Panama City, FL 32401

Dear Martin,

Sometimes words fail to come to the tip of your fingers when you want to convey something exciting and wonderful. I face somewhat a similar situation today. As you know I have completed three wonderful years in Regional Interiors & Decorators. And the experience that I have gained from this firm is something that I cannot frame in words or sentences.

But as we all know life moves and has to move with the motto of 'move on in life'. One needs to climb on and on to reach the top one day. One needs to face new challenges and shoulder new responsibilities in order to be successful and emerge as a winner. I think you must have already made out what I am proposing to say.

I am looking forward to join a new firm where I will meet new people, where I will handle new projects and create new infrastructures. I need your help in this. As you are in this field since a very long time, I am sure you are updated with the details about all firms in this field, about their vacancies, working procedures, work culture, and other criteria. I would take the liberty to ask you for your help in this. Please forward my resume to any firm which has vacancies that are suitable to my job profile. My preference would be in health related fields like designing of health spas, de-addiction centers, or rehabilitation centers.

Please look into this matter, taking out time from your hectic schedule. I will be looking forward to getting a positive response from you.

Best regards,

Bernard L. Wilbanks.


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