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Sample Letter of Recommendation Negative

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A negative recommendation letter is written, when you do not want to recommend a candidate for a job opening in an organization. It is a professional letter sent to the employer during the recruitment process. This letter should be divided into 3 sections such as introduction section, the body of the letter and the ending section. In the introduction section, introduce yourself to the employer and mention the reason why you are writing this letter. The body of the letter should include the details about the reason why the candidate did not prove to be an ideal employee.

Sample of Recommendation-Negative Letter for Sales and Marketing Jobs

Larry T. Burks,
Sales Manager,
Blue Star Sales Services,
1354 Ash Street,
Ennis, TX 75119,
(972)-878 9654,

Date: May 26, 2005.

Mr. Thomas F. Bertram,
HR Manager,
Wilson Sales Services,
3781 Ethels Lane,
Ennis, TX 75119.

Dear Mr. Bertram,

This is to inform you that Steven Great was an employee of Blue Star Sales Services from September 11, 2003 to April 25, 2005. He worked with us as a sales agent. I am writing this letter to suggest you that do not recruit Steven for any job in your organization.

Steven was recruited into our company as an entry level candidate. Initially, his performance at work was above average. He was assigned some major client accounts. We were happy with his performance at work as he was able to achieve his targets. But during the recent audit it was found that Steven had made some major discrepancies in the profit calculation. We confronted him to tell the truth, he accepted that he had cheated the company and moved the money to his personal account. Considering his unethical fraud behavior, we have fired him from his job.

I hope that you consider my suggestion and do not recruit Steven for the post of Sales agent in your company. Thank for spending some time to go through this letter. I have enclosed a copy of termination letter sent to Steven for your reference.


Larry T. Burks,

Sales Manager,
Blue Star Sales Services

Copy of Termination Letter.

Sales and Marketing Jobs Recommendation-Negative Letter Sample

George D. Little,
Marketing Head,
Starlight Marketing,
1345 Masonic Drive,
Hardin, MT 59034,
(406)-665 7321,

Date: October 21, 2011.

Mr. Scott L. Fitzgerald,
HR Head,
SDC Marketing Services,
3681 Derek Drive,
Hardin, MT 59034.

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,

I am George D. Little, Marketing Head with Starlight Marketing. I am writing this letter to suggest you that please do not recruit Greg A. Rodrigo for the post of Marketing executive in your company. Greg worked with Starlight Marketing as a marketing executive and was asked to resign from his job, because of his unethical behavior at work.

During Greg's tenure at Starlight Marketing, he was responsible for planning and designing new marketing ideas for our xyz clients. Greg has excellent marketing knowledge and created new strategies for marketing, but these ideas could not be implemented considering the clients budgets for marketing. Hence, these plans needed to be reworked, thus let to wastage of time and money of the company and the client. The client was unhappy with the delay in the service.

We even found out that Greg was working as freelancer and providing marketing guideline to his clients. Since, Greg worked as a full time permanent employee; it was against the company policies for him to work for external clients. Even after several warnings there was no change observed in his attitude towards work. Hence, we had to take a major decision of asking him to resign from his job.

Please consider my request and do not recruit Greg for the post of marketing executive in your company. I have enclosed the copy of several warning letter sent to Greg and his resignation letter. Thank for your time and consideration.



George D. Little,
Marketing Head,
Starlight Marketing

Warning Letters
Resignation Letter

The samples provided here can be used for reference. You can edit, modify and use them as per your requirement. Proofread the letter before you sent it to the concerned person.

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